Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Care package...

A friend that is adopting through Reece's Rainbow surprised us with a special care package today!  What a kind and thoughtful set of things!  I know you said you were gathering it for our time in the hospital and then found out we were coming home but you decided to send it anyway.  I know we will enjoy it at home just as much since we are somewhat "homebound" for the next month even though we're not stuck at the hospital.  I have to say I laughed at the "Florida's Natural fruit squares"!  The kids (that eat...) both loved them though!  I'm saving the video for a rainy day (literally- when we're stuck inside) but the CD will be in the stereo tomorrow :)  Oh, and Kristopher has already tried to lay claim on the granola bar LOL.  Thanks for thinking of us, this is much more like my kind of surprise (much better than the surprise in the previous post!)!!


Also, yesterday in the mail we got a box from a friend way up in Canada with a baby 'screen' for the cribs!  One set has four panels and since Emma's bed only needs 3...


And Micah's bed only would fit two (the ends aren't flat so wouldn't fit them) but one side is against the wall...


It worked out perfectly!  No more nighttime freak-outs that chunky thighs are stuck in the crib :) :) THANKS LACIA!!


  1. I'm so glad the package arrived...although a little late ;)