Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seventy Seven

That's how many jars of babyfood Mike and I just made. Ok, well, I made them, but Mike labeled them and put them in the fridge, which counts! I was hoping for a week's worth, and it looks like we'll get a good 7-8 days out of the batch I just made. Of course it does impede our ability to store anything else in the refrigerator...

So, in my attempts to get more veggies in the kids I tend to give Micah a jar of fruit and a jar of veggies at the same time. So instead of making them separate, this time I made some interesting combinations. Apples and potatoes anyone? Or bananas and zucchini? We'll see how they fly!

And, because I wanted to know whether it was really worth the time and energy that it takes to do something like this, I got out my receipt. I spent $23 on fruit and veggies, including a large container of oatmeal which I'll have for a long time, 2 bananas which I set aside for Mike and K, and half a bag of apples which we'll eat separately. Also, I had a bag of potatoes in the fridge which we used half of and a few other things like whole wheat cereal which I mixed in with some. So... let's just say it cost around $23 when we add and take out the bits and pieces. The grand total in ounce form is 340 ounces (combination of 4, 6, and 8 oz containers). At the store a 4 oz jar is about $0.50 and a 6 oz jar is about $0.85. So I figure each 2 oz is about $0.25. With those figures we would have spent $42.50 on the food we just made. Savings= $19.50. Yes, it was worth my evening... (And yes, I have been spending $42/week on baby food. OUCH)


  1. would you mind sharing how you make the food? My daughter 2.5 years has a hard time with foods, so I still give her some baby food. I am only spending about $10 a week, but you adds up!

  2. That is AWESOME! Nicely done! :) Not to mention you are confident in knowing exactly what is IN the foods you are giving your children and don't have to worry about preservatives and weird unnecessary stuff. Way to go!

  3. Hey Mer-- I so remember doing this for my twins. It was a huge time saver & they really liked it well. We cooked, cooled & poured into ice cube trays. then I popped the frozen cubes out into individual labeled freezer bags & reheated in their favorite combinations. For bigger servings, freeze in muffin cup tray. It's so easy! Another good tip is to use a steamer basket, rather than boiling your veggies, as you loose more nutrients in boiling. => Wish I were there to lend a hand-- I know we'd have fun. Tanya, Sky's Mom

  4. I can so relate to making baby food. I do it too, but day by day. For quickies, I will puree Veg-all. It tastes good and is cheaper than jar food. ANother thing is I make a big pot of Borscht and then freeze it in Dennis size portions. It has beef broth and tons of veggies in it making it ideal meal for him. WHen it is time to eat, I just microwave it and then puree it. It is so easy.