Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our afternoon...

Went well!  Emma is doing better with pain control and had her last dose of Torodol (IV pain meds) at 2pm.  She had Capitol with Codiene earlier in the day and at 7pm was doing great still.  She is active now and thinks the foot of the bed should be the head.  She likes to prop her feet up on the inclined 'head' of the bed and cross her legs-- such a little prissy girl ;)  She's watched Nemo, Cinderella, and Sesame Street a few times over and listened to the Spinoza CD a dozen times.  She doesn't seem to get tired of any of them though!  Emma's eating close to the same as at home pre-op, and is calming much easier after having anyone touch her or do anything to her (which to me means the pain is more manageable).  When they took out the drain tube today I was amazed as TWELVE INCHES of tubing was removed from her chest. SERIOUSLY!!  She tolerated it so well though and I am amazed at her strength and determination.  She's got spunk!

Kristopher insisted that Elmo needed to come with Emma to the hospital and though it didn't come the first day or two (she had a lot of things there and wasn't really playing), Emma was really glad that Kristopher thought to pack Elmo for her today!  She played with him a lot, chewed on him a bit, and threw him at Mom or the nurses a few times as well :)

She's also sucked her thumb a lot the past few days and chewed bibs until they're completely saturated, so I guess she's using her comforters to make things work-- which is just fine with me.  I prefer a soggy bib to grinding teeth any day, and a moist thumb to the WHOLE HAND as well.

Pictures saying "bye bye!" tomorrow :) :)

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  1. I am just getting caught up for today! The Lord is so good! Look at the miracle He has performed in this baby's life! Oh, I am rejoicing! She looks wonderful and I see a twinkle in her eye! She is one amazing girl! :o)

  2. Amazing the color in her cheeks! She's rosy!

  3. I am overwhelmed by joy, Meredith!!! Can't wait to hear that you are home, safe and sound! Praying for her continued recovery and less pain!

  4. I'm glad she's throwing her Elmo at you! That is a great sign. :)

  5. I am amazed, astounded, overjoyed to hear that Emma is coming home tomorrow! That is fabulous! Well done, Emma! And well done, Mike and Meredith! We are rejoicing with you!

  6. All I can say is WOW!! Doesn't this just remind you of the Bible verse "exceedingly, abundantly, above all you are able to ask or think" Teary-eyed with joy,

  7. Emma is such a beautiful warrior, God Bless her ~

  8. It is great to see what God is doing. He is so cool.

  9. I was out all day, so just read all of todays posts. Wow! God is good. It's amazing that you are going home already! Emma looks great!

  10. Meredith, we are praising Jesus in Ukraine for all that He is doing for your sweet little Emma! Every morning when we come home from checking internet, my boys ask me how Emma is!

  11. Praise God! Looks like we will be adding a prayer of thanksgiving tonight.


  12. We were away and without internet for a few days, but one of the first things I had to ask Bethany when I saw her was "How's Emma?" I'm so thrilled to hear she is already going home and having a great recovery!

  13. she's so perfectly pink!!
    big prayers for that sweet baby boy too.
    Can't wait for her to go home.
    Bravo on the glasses as well!
    Amy O.