Thursday, August 21, 2008


This morning I paid our mid-month bills and looked at what's coming due. I began thinking about the stress factor that money has had on me lately and then I read this blog: It's not long, but it makes you rethink things a bit. It's amazing what people are able to live off of. And it's amazing the perspective it can give you too.


  1. Thanks for sharing Meredith. I would be interested in adding all of the donation buttons to bring kids home and if you would email me, I would please appreciate a favor from you. :)

    Pretty please?

  2. oh sweetie, i can sooooooo relate. we have done 3 international and one domestic adoption of children with special needs and we are what you call "adoption poor" as a friend of mine likes to put but when i look at the kids progress and think how they were when they first came and what might have been it gives me strength to remember faith and why we do what we do and take it one day at a time. an occasional vent sure helps too! sending e-hugs, rachel