Sunday, August 10, 2008

God's numbers

I don't think that anything slides past God. In fact, I think He takes pleasure in little things and I think that sometimes He even says "cool, someone noticed!" when the little things come through.

For instance, when we were preparing for our adoption we expedited things at the last minute to get our paperwork in before the cut-off date for the year because we found out Sasha had been moved to an institution. Because of that quick paperwork process we got our date when we did. Otherwise it would have been probably 6 weeks or more later into the year. So then our second SDA appointment was a week after we requested it, which was somewhat annoying at the time, but it was the first day that Micah was likely available. Then court, though again a bit annoying to have been a ways out and we had to wait a while for it, God put it on the last day that Emma was 'available' (though they wouldn't have transferred her to Torez with us there)- the day before her 5th birthday. So we got one kid on their first day and the other on her last day. Timing.

Another fun little trivia thing is that the day we did our first set of stuff in St. Pete for Brianna's heart surgery was 6/6/06. We did her pre-op and got settled in. The day we left St. Pete after Emma's open heart was 8/8/08!

Who says God doesn't pay attention to dates? Well... I know for sure he's not ever a day late- nor a day early! He's always right on time :)


  1. yes God makes no mistakes ever. I am glad he picked your family to have them.

  2. by the way those dates were the best days of the year, with lost of good and positive energy...

  3. Thanks for the reminder of "God's Timing" I know it and I tell myself all the time, but it is sometimes good to be reminded by somebody else and to know that He will provide at the exact perfect time. So happy to see Emma doing so well so soon. Good luck keeping the germs away! Kelly

  4. Sometimes so hard to remember that God has a plan in it all, but you are right. He has the timing down and knows when He is ready to make thngs happen. We just have to be patient and watch for the miracles to happen.