Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tonight I lost my son

And it kind of freaked me out a little.  I'd turned out all the lights, gone to the bedroom and given Emma her medication.  I turned on the baby monitor only to hear it beep that there was no device on the other end... the power had gone out and the monitors needed to be turned back on.  So I ventured back out (and yes I turned my computer back on to post this).

I went into the boys' room and looked in on Kristopher and Micah.  Except Kristopher wasn't there.  I moved his blankets wadded up at the foot of the bed and looked on the floor- in his closet area where I might not have seen him on my way in- on the top bunk.  Nowhere.  I turned the monitor on and left the room.

My mind was reeling... where could he be?  And I figured he must have gotten up when I turned off the TV in the family room and he was probably in the office with Mike.  We had to have just missed each other when I went back to my bedroom.  He couldn't be anywhere else... I'd been on the couch in the family room for quite some time (Lazy, I know!).

I went into Brianna's room and turned on her monitor and found... Kristopher.  Curled up in the spare twin bed in the girls' room.  Wrapped around a book.  He had his books taken away tonight and sneaky Mr. K went and found somewhere else to read.  Not only that... my kid snuck out of bed, into his sister's room, and got away with turning on the hallway light to read...THE BIBLE?




  1. This is too cute, Meredith.
    Joy, Caleb's mommy

  2. So cute - how can you be made at that? :) (That's the same Bible we have - William wants to read from it every night!)

  3. Bless his heart, I would have taken a picture too.:) You have an very special little guy there.:)

  4. So cute! love the pic.And i am happy ya found him.I lost my oldest once and was a mess because we couldnt find him.I had walked by his toy box like 4 times and didnt notice he had curled up in it and fell asleep.He was the same age as your little man.

  5. Your son has a great foothold on where to go when the heat is on. GODS word! Mama Bair