Saturday, August 16, 2008


The good news is that someone else was helping me put the kids in their highchairs.
The bad news is that he gave Micah the bottle with the pink and yellow butterflies and the pink ring.
The good news is that he didn't give Emma the other bottle (with green frogs and a blue ring).
The bad news is that Micah is allergic to milk and isn't supposed to have Emma's bottles
The good news is he seemed to like it anyway.
The bad news is that he drank half of it in the 30 seconds before I got it from him.
The good news is that it's now been 24 hours and he didn't seem to have any outward reaction other than the fussiness he's already had.
The bad news is that he's so fussy right now anyway that I have no idea if it affected him or not.

Pediatrician appointment 8/25 and we'll discuss getting him onto whole or soy milk and see what she has to say about it. After all... he's almost 2 and doesn't seem to need the calories of formula anymore :)


  1. You're right about not needing the extra calories! He's filled out wonderfully from the skinny little boy he first was when he came home. He is so obviously strong and healthy now, Praise God!

  2. The formula question is a good one for your doctor. Our IA specialist wanted my daughter on formula for a full year after we got home, for the extra nutrition it provides.

  3. Another idea for instead of formula or milk, would be goats milk. My brother w/ DS can't drink any cow's milk or have any dairy products from cow's milk, but he can have anything from goats milk. We have milk goats specifically for that and it has been a great benefit for him ;).

    ~ Qadoshyah

  4. My son is allergic to milk and when he has milk or something containing it, he gets fussy and itches all over, we just give him some benadryl. He is on soy milk, the Silk very vanilla tastes very good...:):):)