Friday, August 22, 2008

I know someone who could use...

A new laptop! And no, it's not me :)

5 minutes for mom is giving away a laptop and printer to one deserving person. And I have one to nominate.

The rules say to leave names and financial situations out of our post, but it also says it needs to be someone that really needs it. So I'll gladly do that. I think many of you will readily agree with my nomination as well, and if you do, head over HERE and leave them a comment to let them know that you agree with this person as a nominee! HURRY, they stop taking nominations and comments on August 27th.

Ok, on to my nomination. This person works from home approximately 70 hours a week. WITHOUT PAY. Every bit of that is on her computer and no, she doesn't have a laptop. In fact, she doesn't even have a sound card for her computer, and in her work it would often be helpful. She is the founder and director which ministry that works to find families for children with Down syndrome around the globe. She works long hours with families to find the right child for them, but it doesn't stop there. She walks with them through the process and is with them every step of the way to help with their paperwork, travel plans, communication with the other country officials, and is cheering them on and available while overseas as well.

This person means more than just an organization to me... she means 2 of my children came home. I e-mailed her a year ago and this past 12 months I've spoken with her or e-mailed her almost every day. I've cried with her over deaths of kids overseas and over things with her own kids, family, life, and mine. She's an inspiration in that she carries so much for so many people- over 90 children are home in just 2 years and another 100 are still waiting... and new kids are being added to the database every week.

What will a new laptop and printer mean for this person? First off, mobility. She has two sons, one with special needs, and the ability to sit on the couch and work or to go to where they are would be helpful in integrating ministry and family. Did I mention that one of her sons has Down syndrome? Yes, and keeping a close eye out is often a necessity. Also, her current computer doesn't have a working sound card, so seeing the videos of the kids once they're home she just has to imagine what they sound like with their sweet tiny voices talking through the silence. More than that, though, she doesn't have the ability to make internet-based phone calls such as Skype or Yahoo Talk to communicate with traveling families. A sound card would take the ministry to a new level of communication.

Also, her current computer is failing which makes it difficult for her to update the website regularly without errors and to keep up with all the happenings of the many families in the process of adopting. A new laptop would make a world of difference for this mom that gives so much of herself!

If you agree with my nomination, please hop over to and leave a comment agreeing to award this person a laptop! It's listed as "Meredith" on the Mr. Linky list. (ETA: it was #46 but apparently that # keeps changing as people can delete their nomination)!!

Also, feel free to copy/past this to your own blog or link back to this post to help spread the word!


  1. I AGREE! I nominated and commented too!

  2. When I click on the link, it doesn't have a link #46...just thought I'd let you know.


  3. I'm with Erin. There's no #46. I really want Andrea to win this! Help?

  4. SOrry guys, last night I was #46, but I guess 2 people withdrew their nominations. So I edited the post to just show my name- agree with "Meredith" and the ministry director and they should understand who you mean! And feel free to share this on your own posts if you'd like to help spread the word!


  5. Stacy H (pookeymom)August 23, 2008 at 7:58 PM

    Done :)

  6. Sorry, I had already voted for someone else. :-(
    But here's another idea in case Andrea doesn't win. Why not see who'd donate to a Laptop Fund for her? If a stroller can be funded, certainly a laptop could be as well?

    We'll wait and see!

  7. Done! I can't wait to see the results! It is so nice to read all of the comments. Beautifully put!