Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poor Baby :(

It takes a lot for me to say that. When Brianna's new teacher (she starts next week) asked me what I do to find out if Brianna is hurt I replied with "I tell her 'you're ok, let's go play.'" And seriously, that's the general approach I have with all my kids- they may hurt for a minute, and I'll comfort them, but I don't generally sit and pour over them unless there really is a good fall or injury.

Well, Emma gets some "poor baby" treatment from me here lately, of course, but the first few days we were home she had only one crying spell so I really thought she was on the up and up and this was going to be pretty easy. I was wrong.

Last night was her third spell of out of NOWHERE crying for over an hour. Today was the fourth- but only for about 15 minutes. Each time it doesn't seem anything triggers her (no bumps, falls, etc.) but she gets completelyy inconsolable for a time then settles down pretty well all of a sudden and then even smiles and kisses.

Today I picked her up carefully and laid her on a pillow on my lap (on the floor) and just sat and stroked her hair while she cried and cried and cried-- tears soaking the pillow and my shirt. But when she was all cried out, she looked up at me after a minute and smiled. I know, weird... I had been kissing her forehead and cheek and I kissed her cheek again and she kissed me back. Yes, she's learned to pucker her little lips up but doesn't quite understand the "release" :) What's kindof funny, though, is that I said "thank you!" then kissed her again and just as I reached her cheek (right next to her mouth-- we're not big 'lip kissers' here...) she stuck out her tongue and licked me!

Well, she's got spunk even when she's hurting... Oh, and she'd had pain meds when she got up from nap at 3, so they should have been working and there wasn't anything more I could do. It did pass fairly quickly though, which I'm very grateful for!


  1. hehe My niece used to play that game. She would pretend to lick when we were giving kisses. We would giggle a lot over that one.
    I hope Emma starts feeling better.

  2. I will keep praying for Emma to feel better and better every day :)
    New York

  3. awwww, poor girl. I hope she isnt having a lot of pain.

  4. Aw man- that is so hard as a parent when you can't "fix" the pain and make it go away. I hope this stops and there are nothing more than the smiles that remain.


  5. That is hard when they're inconsolable. I am glad it passed quickly. Sometimes after heart surgery the 2nd and 3rd weeks can be the worst because the body is adjusting to its repair and the sternum is healing, etc. Take care!

  6. I think they may have some withdrawls after being on such high doses of meds just making them feel yucky. My dad had open heart surg and he said it was hard for a couple of months. Of course it is different for little ones, but a week and a half ago she had surgery, Im sure she is still really sore. Poor sweetie..... she sounds like she has a cute little personality and to think she is trying to kiss, I love that stage. Hope she is feeling back to normal and even better soon and way to go for your other two getting around so well, how exciting!!!!!!

  7. I have heard that heart surgery makes a person very dad became a lot more loving and demonstrative after having his surgery...maybe that's why Emma is crying...

  8. we adopted and discovered that many of the orphans do not cry - they usually do not get consoled. So when they get into a family they seem to have to learn to cry.
    I remember Sasha bashing her haed on the sign at Kyiv airport and walking off. And yet crying so hours triggered by almost nothing