Thursday, August 14, 2008

Off in La La Land

Care to join me? I guess 2 1/2 hours of sleep will do that to you. Yes, Emma is still recovering and spent a good portion of the night clicking joints and being uncomfortable. I got her some medicine even though she wasn't grinding her teeth (general clue she's in pain) and I'm glad I did. About 20 min later she started crying and didn't stop until about 4am. 4:30 was about my first blink of sleep and 7am came awful early...


  1. Aw- I certainly hope this is something that goes away quickly- for both of you. Hopefully tonight is better for both of you.


  2. Yikes, Have to say I don't miss those sleepless nights.Wish we lived closer so I could give you a break and I could snuggle with those cute kiddos.Looks like everyone has been doing all kinds of neat new stuff this week.Congrats to all!