Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photo extravaganza :)

002 007

My littlest man here has the sweetest personality!  He's always happy, curious, and sometimes he looks at you with this sweet little grin :)  And... have I mentioned CHUNKY lately?? :)

008 009 

Emma's curiosity has piqued as well!  Here she's taking a good long look at her shirt when I took it off to get some "healing" scar pic's-- yep... I think it's officially a SCAR!  Notice the crossed legs?  She really is the tiniest little priss I've ever seen LOL!!

010 011

I don't know why she's biting her lip here, but- you can see her HAIR IS GROWING!  It's kind of a mop look at the moment, but I'm hopeful that soon it will grow long enough to look cute and girly in clips and ponytails:)

 012 015

Her scar-- healing NICELY!  But... she still has a ways to go as far as getting meat on those bones!  Notice the weird lump in the center of her chest?  We're told this is because her heart was enlarged so much that it deformed her rib cage... strange??

018  025

Emma pulled this picture off the refrigerator (behind her) and sat and looked at it and played with it for a good 10 minutes!  Brittany and Kallie made it for her, it is a get-well card from right before her surgery.  And these two beautiful lap quilts have matching partners!  Thank you for the beautiful embroidered quilts for the kids!  They'll be perfect for movies in the winter time :)

024 029

The first picture- her monitor while on O2.  The second picture- her monitor without it!!  (to know the significance of this, Emma used to be 93 WITH O2 and 85ish Without.  AMAZING!)

030 032

K's ready to take the kids on a walk! Smiley kiddos- happy to get out!

038 041

K found a new way to hitch a ride.  He holds on to the third seat and squeezes his tiny bottom onto the footrest.  He just has to watch out for Emma's KICKS!  He also likes holding the "runaway stroller" leash, he thinks it was made for preschoolers.

042 043

Livin' it up ;)

045 046

Yes, she really does like it!  Kristopher ran the last bit and beat me home :)  He's celebrating (gloating?? LOL)

047 051

K took these pictures from his carseat while I was driving the kids to school on Tuesday.

057 058

I kindof like the cross one... perspective from a 4 yr old...

061 062

Not sure what's up with all the solid colors...

 063 064

While the kids went to their first day of KAD, Emma played nicely and I made more baby food.  60 jars... should last us about 6 days! 

065 066

More baby food... yum...  And Brianna after her first day of KAD.  Wore her out!

067 068

K's friend F came over and played.  The two of them set up the entire castle and pirate ship and play-acted for hours!  And Emma was 'discovered' this way in her crib today!  Not only had she taken down the mesh from the end of the bed (LOL) but she was SITTING!!!!  Big girl's doing SO GOOD!!


  1. Adorable pics! I am impressed that you get the babyfood done with 4 littles ones around! They are so cute! Emma is looking wonderful!

  2. Hi Meredith, I have several comments, gee big shocker. FIrst of all seeing Emma sitting in the bed is just too cool. Micha is just adorable in the stroller pic and they just look absolutely miserable in the stroller...NOT. It looks so comfy, do they make them for adults? LOL Also, William has a lump in the middle of his chest and the cardio says it is just the way the surgeons "put him together" (sounds funny ) after just how the rib cage is aligned, I will post a pic of it and let me know if it is like E's, I can't tell how much her's sticks out. Went to the cardio today I will blog about it later.

  3. Micah is a healthy little tank isn't he?
    Emma looks much much older with her hair growing out and sitting in her crib!
    Amy O

  4. Love the pictures! Look at Emma sitting!! I'm amazed! And her O2 numbers! K with the stroller leash is so cute! They are all cute pictures! And cute kids! Thanks for posting.

  5. Oh Meredith that is such an AWESOME update!! Micah is getting SO big. And I just love seeing Emma sitting up. Everyone looks so healthy and happy :)

    Great Job Momma!!

    so um....where are the kiddos glasses?? tee-hee

  6. I LOVE the photo of the monitor best of all! Just kidding. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. It is soooooo cool to see Emma sitting up. I'll bet you are going to have to drop that mattress a little lower before too long!

  7. I popped over here from my online course....your site is just so much more fun than "Theories of Personality..." :) The kids look GREAT! Emma's zipper looks AWESOME! Darah has the same bump on her chest. Her doc said hers is from fusing the sternum back together and the irregularity of her sternum/rib cage compared to typical kids. It really freaks people out when they feel it or see it. Someone on a forum noticed it in a picture and thought it was a hernia, which it isn't.
    The kids look so great! I'm glad Fay went away from ya'll...we've been getting some of the rain over here, which we needed!

  8. Hmmm - Emma is studying that cute card, Emma is sitting up! She is healing so well and so quickly, too. As you say, just gotta fatten her up a little more now.

    Now, I mean this next bit in the nicest possible way, and I think Emma's achievements are just great, no matter what's "triggered" them...
    but do you think perhaps the increased blood flow after her successful surgery is helping brain function, as well as the rest of her?? She seems to be increasing in alertness and awareness of things around her since her surgery.

    Since Emma was so interested in the card, I bet she'd love some colorful board books. She handles her bottle so well - she could probably learn to turn pages easily! Needless to say, Micah and Brianna would love them too, or I'm not a retired children's librarian ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  9. Great pictures Mer. And I can't beleive Emma pulled off that crib mesh thing. That velcro is STRONG! She's got some good fine motor skills to be able to rip that off

  10. God Bless your beautiful children!

  11. Micha looks so healthy! Emma has changed so much! They are looking as happy as Kristopher and Brianna! Gos is good and your family is awesome!!