Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday evening-- it's Wednesday, right?

The days are already running together!  Emma had a rough morning and afternoon but a better evening and hopefully the start to a great night.  My roommate did say something to the other nurse in the room about the one coughing and she did eventually put a mask on to cover her mouth with when she coughed at least.  And I did hear the "why" as to her cough-- she was at her DH's new pool hall and it was super smokey and she has been coughing since that on Sun night... along with losing her voice.  So it doesn't sound like she's sick... but I wouldn't want her to lick my child or spit on her, so why would she cough on her?  So yes... that got taken care of :)

I also managed to talk the nurses (I think) into giving the Capital with Codine every 4 hours instead of PRN (as needed) because twice today she spent a good 45 minutes crying and another time closer to 90 minutes because she hadn't gotten her pain meds.  To me, that's completely stupid because if you KNOW she's going to need the meds then just give them to her... I kept on it the rest of the evening and she got a dose at 6:30, 10:30, and the night nurse at least appeared to agree with me and as soon as Emma wakes after it's due said she'll give it to her.  I especially don't want her crying at night in pain when I'm not with her.  We'll see about spreading out the pain meds during the day when I'm there tomorrow if they really see the need.  To me, it's only 2 days post-op, ok, 3 tomorrow, and there's no reason not to give them q4h instead of PRN (every 4 hours instead of as needed-- I'm teaching ya the hospital jargon ;) ).

Emma was watching Nemo and trying to go to sleep but I think I was keeping her awake by being there and she was comfortable, so I left around 11:30.

Emma got a package in the mail today!  An adorable little Build A Bear dressed up like a fairytale princess was delivered to her room tonight!  She likes the bear and he seems to like her too ;) THANK YOU Shafer family!

002 003

This morning, while still on O2, watching Meet The Robinsons on my computer


007 010

With her new teddy bear, then watching Nemo tonight


012 014

Emma's friends                                            and my beautiful girl (complete with chewy bib!)


  1. It so amazing what love can do. God has been so faithful to all that ask His Help and your special Emma has so shown us to Trust Him and He will provide. He Does Hear and Answer Prayers.

  2. I can't believe how good Emma looks. She looks especially cute in the photo with her glasses on.:)

  3. I hope that Emma will soon feel as good as she looks! Her color is great - and is she off oxygen now?? That's wonderful...

    So glad you requested the change in her pain meds - I hate to think of the little thing suffering unnecessarily. And so Nurse Sneezy (or should it be Norse Coughy?) is finally wearing a mask. Wow, both actions seem like they should be part of Health Care/Common Sense 101.

    Emma's menagerie is great! How nice to have such furry companions to keep her company and brighten her surroundings.

    Thanks again for sharing Emma's experiences with's so good to see her doing so well.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  4. P.S. Emma's cute new bear friend looks like a Ukrainian Princess Bear to me!

    Susan in Ky

  5. I agree on the meds, for goodness sake she just had MAJOR hear surgery do they not think that she may not hurt a little, why wait until the pain begins then wait for it to kick in. When William was in for heart surgery after 7 days he was just on tylenol and I asked if they would just give it to him ever 4 hours, just incase...they proceded to tell me that too much tylenol could hurt his liver and I would have ask for it myself every four hours. Whatever! he just got off of med called dopamine, etc. and you are telling me that tylenol could hurt his liver, PLEASE LOL Hope yourday goes great enjoy that little sweetie!

  6. Emma looks wonderful, I'm so glad everything is going well!! How are you doing? Gary and I pray for you guy's often and truly belive he's the wind beneath your wings, our Father is worthy of our praise and our trust, just look at what he's done for Emma!! Val

  7. Meredith,
    God Bless Emma ~, she is so such a strong & beautiful angel, I'll keep praying for her total and prompt recovery.

  8. Good to hear they're taking care of the meds - poor thing!

    And I'm happy that Emma likes her bear. It's an Eastern European costume - pretty generic but it made me think of her :)

    Hoping today is a good day for her!

  9. She looks great, truthfully, I really think she had more color in her face and looks healthier already.
    Amy O

  10. That coughing story doesn't sound right at all. Who still coughs days later?

    Prayers that she has better pain management!