Sunday, August 24, 2008


ejlennox said... Sorry, I had already voted for someone else. :-(
But here's another idea in case Andrea doesn't win. Why not see who'd donate to a Laptop Fund for her? If a stroller can be funded, certainly a laptop could be as well?
I know there's lots of other worthy people on that list.  I've read through every one of them- many before I nominated Andrea.  Thanks for the other idea too :)



Anonymous said... ok, well they didn't say it how I'll say it, but they had a lot of questions as to our integrity, my reason for blogging, and how we would take care of our family if other people weren't helping in so many ways.  Oh, and they commented on us probably getting "state help" as well since the kids are disabled...

I deleted that comment because it was drawing a response from other comments and a second comment had already been left in the same post.  I don't appreciate those "conversations" in my comments- especially when people feel they have to defend me (which, those of you that did, thank you).  The comments by this anonymous poster were rude and the language uncalled for.  That said... they had questions which I'll happily answer.  First off, my blogging is to allow people to be a part of our lives and that of our children.  To keep our family and friends around the country in the know with what's happening down here.  It is to let the many that followed Emma's/Daria's story continue to see her grow.  It's to ask questions when I have them and find companionship in the struggles.  It's not to ask for anything.  And why do I post the things that are gifted to me?  As another way to say THANK YOU for those that go out of their way to do something kind for others.  As for how we would care for our family without these gifts?  We are capable of this, through Christ and only through Him.  Just as we're capable of anything else.  I will give you a whole post on that... another day.  And lastly, no, we don't get any "state help."  Which I assume you mean SSI or something like that, state subsidies, food stamps, WIC, whatever.  The answer is no.  We have tried getting medicaid and it seems that by the time we make it through the process, all of our insurance maximums will be met and Medicaid will not have to pay out a dime.


Hite Family said... I hope u do get your house sold Meredith, If I lived down there Id be happy to move in, It looks Gorgeous!!  I actually want to see pics of your new house :) From the pics you post it looks Beautiful!


I'll post some of our new house sometime... I grew up in this house and I love love love it!  Of course it's not exactly decorated except the little touches my sister made while I was overseas, but it's very functional for our family and there's not a thing I would change :)  We really feel blessed to have it!


On the subject of the Ukrainian documents... I have one person I'm sending the article to and another 3 that have offered.  THANK YOU!!

Christine said... Thanks for sharing Meredith. I would be interested in adding all of the donation buttons to bring kids home and if you would email me, I would please appreciate a favor from you. :) Pretty please?


I sent you a button... did you ever get it?  It hasn't been posted yet, just checking!  (And for everyone else, check out the cute little Dennis on the Smiles & Trials button on my sidebar to go to Christine's blog, and hold their family up in prayer as they begin a long medical process with their newest little man!  (the "grab this button" link won't work until she posts it, but the button itself works!)


Faith said... I'm curious about Emma's sweating. Did it continue after the surgery? Also at one point you posted about her large amount I was just wondering if that cleared up after her T&A and/or open heart. I'd be interested in a post (if you don't mind) of Emma: before and after. Perhaps it is not after enough yet. She just seems to be doing so well I was wondering how her other symptoms were. (I ask because as a NICU nurse I often see babies with cardiac defects before the surgery but not after. We do not post-op cardiac children in my unit.)

Emma doesn't sweat nearly as much as she did pre-op.  She does still sweat more than my other kids though.  Micah sweats a lot just because he's a hot-natured kid, so I'm not sure what's what exactly.  The difference between the two of them is Emma will sweat when crying or drinking and Micah just when he's warm or really active.  Brianna sweat profusely before surgery and now 2 1/2 years later (even living in FL) she doesn't sweat very much even when it's hot out. 


narretto said... praying for your safety....again, will life ever get boring?? doesn't look lilke it does it? LOL

No, life will never REALLY be boring in my house just because I have 4 kiddos :)  But... I do hope we can avoid any more major incidents and I can post about how cute the kids are and the new things they're doing instead of all the icky stuff LOL


Faith said... I went over and nominated. I couldn't find any rules on the site. (I'm also in a hurry and didn't really look that long at their slow (cross through) wonderful site.) Are there any rules about voting multiple times...perhaps once a day or something?
I hope your rainy day is getting better! (Referring to the Member's Project)

Each person can only vote once for each project on e-mail address they have.  Thanks for nominating RR!


mom 2 many said... would you mind sharing how you make the food? My daughter 2.5 years has a hard time with foods, so I still give her some baby food. I am only spending about $10 a week, but you adds up!  Thanks....Carla

I cheat :)  I use most of the fruit fresh, though I boil the apples just to soften them up a bit.  And I steam most of the veggies (boil the potatoes).   Then I put each on into the blender with a little water- depending on the consistency of the fruit/veggie and I pour them into baby food jars that have gone through the dishwasher.  We label them with masking tape and put the date on there with the food name.  Not too bad!  I did buy a new blender a few months back that works SO MUCH better than the "baby food processor" that I had.  The other made it soft, this makes it "drinkable" which is what we needed.  It took about 2 1/2 hrs to make a week of food for 2 kiddos!  That was with a little help from Mike with the labeling :)  This next time I had to buy some frozen foods because there just wasn't enough "good" fruits at the grocery this week.  It's still less expensive than pre-jarred food and pretty good for them too!


Tanya, Sky's Mom said...Hey Mer-- I so remember doing this for my twins. It was a huge time saver & they really liked it well. We cooked, cooled & poured into ice cube trays. then I popped the frozen cubes out into individual labeled freezer bags & reheated in their favorite combinations. For bigger servings, freeze in muffin cup tray. It's so easy! Another good tip is to use a steamer basket, rather than boiling your veggies, as you loose more nutrients in boiling. => Wish I were there to lend a hand-- I know we'd have fun.

Great idea with the ice cube trays and muffin tins!  I'll have to try that next time if I can make enough to go that far :)  And I'd love to be close by so our 8 kids could get into trouble together!  Wouldn't that be fun???


Christine said... I can so relate to making baby food. I do it too, but day by day. For quickies, I will puree Veg-all. It tastes good and is cheaper than jar food. Another thing is I make a big pot of Borscht and then freeze it in Dennis size portions. It has beef broth and tons of veggies in it making it ideal meal for him. When it is time to eat, I just microwave it and then puree it. It is so easy.

Thanks for the tip!  Actually, this comment is what made me think of frozen fruits when the grocery didn't have enough :)  I haven't actually ever MADE Borscht... and I'm not sure we'd EAT it... but I did try it in Ukraine and it wasn't so bad!! :) :)


Shari said... These babies are beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could adopt right now. I know it's a process. Love the letter you wrote. Also, do you have any updates on little Preston?

No, I don't!  His parents did e-mail me and gave me a blog address they'd started for him, but they've not posted except an initial introduction and I haven't heard back from them yet to hear whether I can share their blog publicly...


Qadoshyah said... Another idea for instead of formula or milk, would be goats milk. My brother w/ DS can't drink any cow's milk or have any dairy products from cow's milk, but he can have anything from goats milk. We have milk goats specifically for that and it has been a great benefit for him ;).


Interesting!  We go on Monday, I wonder what the doctor would say if I asked about getting a medical permit to allow us to have a goat??? :) :)


June Berger said... Hey Meredith, got a little extra energy to send this way? I need to get so much done before Anah comes home, but just the day to day stuff is getting behind...ARG! I need to declutter too, maybe I'll "book" next week to start! Thanks for the prodding!


Glad I could help LOL.  My energy?  Um... Sam's Choice Cola :)  It's definitely not from sleep! LOL


Shelley said... Want me to get my hubby to make you one????? (in reference to my broken zipper on the diaper bag... which is no longer being sold at Wal-Mart :( )


Sounds good! LOL  Think he can make it to all those specifications and also wipe-able and smell like flowers all the time???


Thanks for all the great suggestions for a diaper bag!! I'm slowly looking at all the sites listed and in the mean time I'm carrying the one with a broken zipper :)

Christine said... How awesome! How old is she again? (in reference to Brianna's first steps)


Brianna is 2 years, 7 months old :)  And we're even more proud of this accomplishment because of how long and hard she worked to get here!!



  1. Meredith, I love reading about your family, I don't like that people are rude at times. FYI I write with vis-a-vis markers on my glass jars with contents, no masking tape :)

  2. i, as well, am sad that people chose to be rude to you. they actually need our pity. people with disabilities are here for many reasons on this earth, but i sincerely believe that one of them is to give others opportunity to be compassionate and understanding. i truly pity the person who meets God who did not have compassion for children with disabilities who needed a family. doesnt mean they have to adopt, but for pete's sake have some understanding for those that are called to do so. i also have multiple children with disabilities and i absolutely could not do it without the help of others. does that mean they should not have a family because we need others to help us? NO! but it does give others opportunity to serve children with disabilities and be blessed! it is not easy having a seriously ill child. it is draining at times and then to have to deal with rude comments as well.... ugh... truly until you have walked a mile (or rode in a wheelchair) in another persons should not judge. please keep sharing your story meredith. it is inspiring to say the least!

  3. That'd be interesting to see if the doctor would give a "medical permit" to have a goat. Another idea is to buy raw goats milk from a farm. I don't know what the price is in Florida though . . . probably is pretty pricey!

    We live on 44 acres in OK, so we are able to have quite a few goats, which makes things easier ;).

    ~ Qadoshyah

  4. Hi Meredith,

    I wanted to comment on what you had said regarding the anonymous post. As an adoptive mother of 2 special needs kids through domestic adoption, the financial hit has almost crippled us. But i know that these children and their lives and well being are worth not being able to live the "typical american life". And both of my kids were adopted domestically, so either way they have state funded help (SSI for one and subsidy for the other)--help that for years the federal governement took my hard earned money to fund (in the form of income tax and other federal and state extractiosn from my paycheck, which I gladly pay out because I know it helps keep these programs running). I just wanted to say that people live in community, that the links we have with family, with friends, with familiar strangers, with others who share our life's walk--we are not alone, we do not raise our children devoid of others. IT is the community of people that supports every family, every person really. The gifts you have been given are part of the community of people in your life, your faith, your world who are sharing in your expereince. This is how God meant humans to live--with each of us giving what we can to make the world a better place--giving of our time, our talents, and our material goods. The anonymous poster is most likely a person who is very isolated spirutally and emotionally, who has no meaningful connections to other human beings (and may not understand what a meaningful connection is, so may not recognize that they do not have that), and no faith in God who works through people to care for all of us. For this person we should pray, and not judge. That person judges what they do not understand. They do not understand that God brings people together--in many ways, in this case through your blog--to help make the world a better place for all to live. Each person who has shared a prayer for your children and family, has donated funds to help with the adoption or subsequent expenses, has sent a gift to you or the children, has posted a comment on your blog, or has been able to join your walk in any other way is a vital, living part of the community that you & mike have, that those children K, B, E & M have. This anonymous poster does not understand this because they have never experienced community, nor have they reached out to help those in the greater human community, or else they would understand that there are things much more important than money and where the ability to meet our financial needs comes from. And that MOST people in America hire help and ask relatives and freinds to help with child care, even if their children have no issues. I myself have received similar comments reagrding my situation. I had to quit my job to care for my son, I did get him SSI and medicaid but not before the non-paid portion of his medical bills were astronomical, and I will declare bankruptcy as soon as I am able (oddly, you have to have a source of income in order to declare bankruptcy--so until I have a job, I can't declare bankruptcy). So, while I ask for prayers for this anymous poster, they they will get to feel and know what community is, I also ask you for prayers for my situtation as well. I am trying to find a job now that my J is more medically stable (and I found a former nurse to do child care at a reasonable rate), and I have one job that is very interested in me--oddly enough they have to do a background check which includes a credit check (standard procedure now for jobs above a ceratin level even though it does not make sense to me). Because of all of the medical bills, lack of income for over a year, and use of credit to meet basic transporataion and household needs when J was in and out of the hospital, and my inabilty to declare bankruptcy due to no income (I have been living off of my tax returns and cashed in my retirement account to pay for my house, food, transportation, etc... during the past year), my credit report looks horrible, as i had to focus on the living necessities and had to let the debts go as I could not do both. So, I could use prayers that God would make clear a path. One that either helps me meet my debt obligations while also meeting my families needs or one that allows me to declare bankruptcy (which I have been very resistant to and have not really wanted to do, so in some ways welcomed the road blocks that have come up) and make a fresh start. And also for peace, even when I do not understand what is going on, and for wisdom and open eyes to see the opportunites before me. Meredith, thank you so much for this blog & sharing yoru journey with us all--it has been a great inspiration to me and has help me reclaim my faith and overcome some anger that I felt towards God regarding a failed adoption and then the subsequent financial issues that my 2 sucessful adoptions have put me into.