Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cammie Heflin said... Meredith, I love reading about your family, I don't like that people are rude at times. FYI I write with vis-a-vis markers on my glass jars with contents, no masking tape :)

Love it- do you use permanent or wet-erase?  I tried it with permanent this time, we'll see how well the writing wipes off.  Mike said the washable would leave black mess on his hands with the condensation so he wouldn't let me try it :)  I made another 60 jars on Tuesday.  Should last me through the weekend I hope!


Lu said... Hi Meredith, I'm so sorry I've not been online so much. I am still without a computer. I had to read all the news about Emma and WOW God was BUSY! Praise the Lord! I'm SO thrilled for you all!


You are missed, Lu!!  Nice to 'see' you again though!

Braska's Grammy said... I have become acquainted with you thru our daughter, Braska's mom. She asked me to pray for Emma, which I did. You are a blessed family, and you are sharing your blessing with others. Thank you!  I have sent your house info to about 100 families on my email list. Maybe someone will pass it on to help you get it sold.


Thanks Grammy!  Things are moving and looking good on the home front, we are hopeful to have it sold soon!


AZmomto8 said... Ah, something I remember not so fondly with Meghan, we keep Kara's diaper covered with bloomers at all times, even then she is often found in her crib naked. Thankfully only painted the bed once with poop. It is a rite of passage...

I usually put bloomers on Brianna too but that morning for church... some how I missed that step.  Then I even took the dress off for her to eat a messy lunch and by the time she went down for nap she was just in the diaper... then... well... NOTHING AT ALL! :)  Oh, and the painting... Let's just say I didn't share all the details just to preserve Brianna's teenage years.  It was worse... MUCH worse! LOL


Thank you all for advice on obtaining a wheelchair for Emma!  Since she doesn't have a PT in place, I plan on calling my little guys' PT for a 'consult' and help me get going with it.  I've heard good and bad things about all different chairs but I'll definitely see and feel a chair before we order it for Emma!  And the measurements, yep, THANKS EVERYONE!!

Me said... Well, Micah needs to teach Pierce a thing or 2 about gaining weight. At 2 1/2 he's only 25lbs. Great report all around!


I feel your pain!  Brianna's our lightweight, 2 1/2 and 21lbs.  Then Emma's 5 and 21.5 lbs.  Micah's almost 2 and 22lbs.  Kristopher's 4 1/2 and only 32lbs!  Micah could teach them ALL a thing or two!


AZmomto8 said... Wow, Micah is so big now, how wonderful!
Emma is about the same size as Amanda, who is also too skinny, I can't imagine a 5 year old being so itty bitty, but she is strong regardless, isn't she! They had to be tickled at how well she is healing, I know you all are.  Will they continue to work on getting Emma walking, or is the wheelchair her means to get around from now on? Did I miss a post?


I think Amanda and Brianna are just about the same size!  And they're pretty close in age too :)  As for Emma, we'll continue to try to get her to do as much as possible towards walking, but right now in addition to working on strengthening, we need mobility that's more structured for her.  Especially once she starts at school and needs to be upright and have a tray to work off of.  Of course the wheelchair will be for use at home and when both of us are out with the kids- and we'll c'ontinue to use a multiples stroller when I'm out with the kids simply because it'd be impossible for me to push a wheelchair and a double stroller at the same time! LOL


WheresMyAngels said... Meridith, you have a good list going, another suggestion I would have is to have wheels that can go thru gravel well. I swear I encounter so many places with gravel and have a hard time moving a stroller or wheelchair thru it.  Great news on the doctors.

That's funny you said this, because I was thinking "it needs to go through sand too" since we live in FL and any park we go to is pretty much all sand... then I figured I was getting too picky :)  Ideally, though, it'll go through loose terrain pretty decent to make our lives easier!


  1. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe the permanent marker off when your done with the jars.

  2. I don't know if there are a large selection of sand friendly wheelchairs, but "The Landeez" is often advertised in "Qwest" (the MDA magazine). It is an all-terrain wheelchair and the ad always has beach use pictures. I have no personal experience with them, though (and I know it doesn't fit all your other requirements), but it's nice to know the technology exists.