Sunday, August 31, 2008

Worship & Sibling Love

Brianna was adorable this morning while worshipping to a CD.  She loves doing hand motions and dancing.  And... I caught some of those first little steps on camera too :)  Kristopher wanted her to walk for the video.  I wanted a video her her sweet dancing.  You can see toward the beginning Emma was getting into the music too for just a second... but by the time I turned the camera back on to get some of her she was finished.  Here's my big girl.  Singing and dancing, talking to God.
(and... um... excuse the mess!)


What more could they ask for?

012 013 016014 015

Follow the Leader!

017 018 019 021


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe all that they have been up to lately! They are going to be running around tearing up the house before you know it!Double trouble (and double the fun).

  2. That is so touching. Watching that little girl make her fingers dance in praise... Beautiful.

  3. Absolutely precious! Baby girl brought tears to my eyes! And I agree with Heather--- you've got double trouble there! Too cute!

  4. They are adorable, beautiful, sweet angels !!! Thank you for sharing :)
    God bless them ~

  5. Your babies are getting so big!

    Unrelated to this post, but my little brother (he's 8) was looking over my shoulder at some of the pics on your site and I was telling him how Emma had heart surgery. He saw the most recent pictures of how Emma's scar is healing and he said "oh, is that how she got that big scratch on her chest?" I thought it was great that after only a few weeks, when he saw it all he thought of it was that it is a scratch.

  6. So Precious!!!! She is so cute. You can see lots of love between all the kids. I love the hug with Micah and Brianna. They grow and do more and more everyday.

    Mom C

  7. too cute!! That boy is going to walking soon, watch out!

  8. What a neat little clip of Brianna. Of course the steps are exciting! But I got a little teary thinking about how big a smile must be on God's face when he sees the pure joy and praise in the language he understands perfectly.

  9. Somehow I missed this post! They are beautiful and adorable!