Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 days of school

Kristopher started school last Wednesday and attended a whole 3 days before school was canceled for the remainder of this week.  But in the three days he's been home this week I've noticed several things that are just a bit different from him now.

One of them is his fascination with a treasure box.  His classroom teacher has a treasure box and if you behave during the week (she has crayons kids pull if they're not obeying the rules and they have to have a certain number) you get a prize from the box.  Kristopher got a small rubbery plastic airplane that he thinks is wonderful last week.  Now he's making treasure boxes around the house with assorted toys and is telling Mike and I that we've been good and giving us treasures from his box.  Why is it that when the teacher says it, it works, but when MOM had a "surprise box" that he could earn toys from (hey, they were even better toys! lol) it didn't make a difference in his behavior?

Another thing is time.  He's now aware it exists.  This is not my home schooling kid.  Not right now anyway.  He needs someone other than Mom to say things to him and then they stick the first time it appears.  I could point out the hands of the clock a million times (I HAVE!) and he still doesn't pay attention to the fact that I suggested when "the big hands is at 2 we'll have lunch" and continuously asks for lunch...  But now, he says to me "when the big hand is at the 1 I want lunch instead."  And he actually knows what I'm talking about.  It's because his teacher uses the clock during the day too and she has other kids in there that "got it" therefore he TRIED!

And the third and possibly biggest thing because it's something I was a little concerned about- ok, not really.  Kristopher tends to color in scribbles, all over the page, and his tracing is more like a half winded attempt to make a mark somewhere on the page.  Dot to dots are a little better, but in general his fine motor for writing and such were just lacking.  I know at 4 this isn't a necessity, but I was thinking this might be a place he struggled.  But then, he came home each day so far with a coloring paper, and on Monday with a tracing paper.  All of them are in the lines and great!  Then yesterday... he scribbled a picture for me ??????


  1. Go Kristopher!!! continue to amaze your mommy :)
    New York

  2. I think you will notice a big difference this year with him. My daughter turned 4 July 30th last year and when she started pre-k all she did was make circles in her letter workbooks, but in 3 or 4 week she was making definate attempts to form the letters. It's amazing the difference school will make.