Friday, August 08, 2008

My Sweet Baby Girl

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  1. Look at that smiling girl!!! Yay, Emma! And yay, Mama!

  2. it is SO hard to believe that this girl, smiling, happy, alive, is the girl the doctors were simply going to let die.

    if you hadn't gotten that second opinion, or taken those risks, we wouldn't see Emma as she is now. she's got her whole life ahead of her. and with all God has done up to now, i have no doubt it'll be pretty incredible.

  3. It is so good to see Emma happy and home !!! She looks so good - what an answer to prayer.
    Just had to come out from lurking to say that.

  4. She is so pink and the smiles are great. Love, Mom

  5. Hey Meredith and Mike, it is so wonderful to see Emma so full of life. That shows that this was your real mission in Ukraine, to save this beautiful child and it shows that faith conquers everything.

  6. God Bless Emma ~
    K from New York

  7. It is so incredible to see such a little kids with a scar (or will be scar) like that. She is so sweet and happy looking. I love her smile!!

  8. Somebody's mighty happy to be back home!

    I love Emma's attitude - she looks quite amused at her incision.

    Thank goodness you double-checked her Rx - I hope you follow up with whoever made the inexcusably careless error, so that they'll think twice - shoot, think even once! - next time so that they don't endanger anyone else. What a scare - but what a good catch on your part, too.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  9. I absolutely love to see the pics of your smiling Emma. She has a smile that is so true and pure. I especially love seeing them now and knowing how great she is doing. Her smiles brought tears of joy to my eyes this time. I love to follow your blog. Having boys who also started their journey from Antoshka helps make me feel connected. I also love to watch Micah's progress. He reminds me so very much or our Alex in how he has progressed. We were "warned" that Alex was slow and may never catch up. We were told that they were in the process of getting him switched to the special needs room. "Were we sure we wanted him?" Of course, he was our son that God had planned for us. Regardless of what the future held/holds, he's our son! He started out hardly crawling and is now running and is up to three-word sentences. All in the last 20months! Alex has the same glasses as Micah and got ear tubes this past March (It was his third bday gift). We love to watch him and his older brother change and grow daily right before our eyes. They amaze us and remind us of how great of a plan God has for each of us if you'll just trust in him. And I love to watch your angels (all 4 of them) progress and grow too. You have a beautiful family! I pray for Emma daily and will continue to keep her in my prayers. She's an absolutely beautiful little girl and I can't wait to keep watching her progress (along with Micah, Brianna and Kristopher).
    God Bless~Crystal Leighton