Friday, August 08, 2008

We are home!

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Emma's nurses- yesterday and today.  The one holding her also was a nurse for Brianna and she is the one that brought Emma a teddy bear earlier in the week.  Emma likes her a lot- in case you can't tell with how she snuggled in :)  And Emma had all matching band-aids!  All bright yellow even though they're from different times and even different days (and there's a few colors to choose from!)


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I set Emma up with a nice plush blanket and the chair she likes to play with (laid down so she can get to everything) and she liked it for a short time then went to the tile and found a truck to play with :)  She did find her way back to the blanket and her glow-worm eventually though!


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I was so glad to see my boys!  Micah had to wait a few minutes because I knew when I went to him he'd be attached for quite some time...  He's enjoying the little piano and playing nice though :)  And K has been taking care of his baby and her birthday is apparently today and he's going to read her a lot of books.  Brianna's not coming home until late because she's going to VBS with my parents for their last night tonight as she has been all week.  She'll be back around 8:30 tonight though.


  1. So glad you made it home. We will continue to pray for all of you. So glad Emma did so good. May God bless you!


  2. emma looks tired but much more pink, not so pasty, thank God!!
    I am sure in 2-3 she will be one spunky princess!!
    Micah-what can you say, just call that boy TANK!
    yippe!! glad you're home!
    Amy O.

  3. Glad to hear you made it home safely! I can't believe you are already home, what an amazing speedy recovery so far! And Emma looks so pink and rosy! Yay for Emma! Yay for God!

  4. Welcome home!!! I am so happy for you! Emma looks great! Who knew that she had OHS only 5 days ago!

    Funny thing- I was at Mom's Night Out with our local Ds group last night and one of the mom's mentions how she just found a blog of a young family who adopted two angels from Ukraine...who do you think she was talking about??? LOL! I had the pleasure of saying, yep! she's a friend! (((HUGS))) for you, Mike and all of your babies.

  5. That'a girl! So happy for you all.

  6. Yay! Emma's home! That's so sweet that Kristopher is playing Daddy. He is such a sweet little guy!

  7. So glad you are home, this girl is truly amazing! It's going to be so wonderful to see how she grows and develops now!

  8. Way to go Big girl!!! How wonderful to be home, and to think your future was so uncertain just a week ago...God is so wonderful. It is nice that you just have the boys right now and they can have some Mommy and Emma time and then by the time Miss B gets home they may let you give her some attention without feeling left out. They must be so glad to see their big sister home I am so glad that everything has worked so great for everyone! Emma looks absolutly wonderful.

  9. Emma looks great! I am so happy to hear that her surgery went well. I will keep praying!

  10. Hi. I have been reading your blog for some time and Praying for Emma. I just can't believe she is home Wow what a miracle girl :) I will keep your wonderful family in my prayers. Your such an inspiration!

  11. Welcome home, girls!!! I hope to see you soon! Emma looks wonderful! It's so good to see her at home!

  12. Congrats on getting home.

    Chris & Julia

  13. Many Blessings ~
    Health, Love & Happiness ~
    God Bless you all ~