Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What would I do?

What would I do with a free morning? I was really thinking I'd have a pretty free morning this morning. Brianna and Micah would be at their first day of KAD and Kristopher would be in preschool. Just Emma and I and an otherwise empty house... What would I do?

Well, I didn't have plans, well, not exactly, and I guess that's a good thing. You see, my plan was to pick up a book, pull up a baby with a musical toy, and lay on the floor with Emma and read for an HOUR. Then I'd fold the laundry, straighten up the porch, start the dishwasher, feed Emma a bottle, and go pick up all the kids at the church. Doesn't that sound both relaxing and productive in the same time-frame?

Ah, maybe Thursday. If school isn't canceled again.

Right now Fay is sitting on Brevard county. Seriously. It's stalled out and dumping huge buckets of rain on us. It likes us THAT MUCH. THIS LINK shows updated info on Tropical Storm Fay. It's supposed to hit the ocean, turn north, and smack North Florida and into Georgia as a hurricane. Fun stuff.

Tomorrow's another day hanging out here at the house. Now... I doubt I'll get in an hour with a good book and a baby snuggle, but maybe I'll be able to tackle the porch and dishes at least!

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