Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Has decided that it really likes us... So much that it is STILL in the same place it was almost 8 hours ago when I went to bed. That's right, it didn't go anywhere ALL NIGHT and continues to plummet our beaches. Flooding in many areas and power is out in a few places. We're glad to have power still and didn't even have a flicker overnight.

The good news is they're not expecting to have Fay become a hurricane once it hits water because so much of it has 'worn out' with us. Fun stuff :)

We're in for another RAINY day..


  1. stay safe! Keep an eye on Jupiter and Inverness for me too- my brothers both live in state and have yet to contact me, typical for them but still....

  2. Thank God for the good news!!! Praying for you to continue to be safe :)
    Liz in Boston

  3. praying for your safety....again, will life ever get boring?? doesn't look lilke it does it? LOL