Monday, August 25, 2008

Brianna's new skill

Brianna has been slowly getting used to the idea of toilet training. Over the past year she has been fairly good about telling us when she needs to have a BM just through a chess and check method. When she's complaining of something, we ask a few questions. Do you want to eat? Do you want milk? Do you need help with something? Do you want to play? Does something hurt? Do you need to go potty? She answers with signs and yes/no pretty well. We're still working on "Tell me what you need" and getting her to reply with the appropriate sign, but hey, at least she does tell us what she needs this way. And for now it works for the most part.

Except when she's going down for a nap.

When she's in her bed she'll fuss or cry and sometimes it's because she wants something- a drink or to go potty are the most common- but most of the time it's because she doesn't want to go to sleep. Over the past year I can only think of maybe twice that Brianna's had a BM in her diaper when she was able to get to the toilet, but another dozen and more times that she's gone in her diaper at nap time-- after crying when we didn't recognize there was anything wrong other than not wanting to go to sleep.

When I take Brianna to the potty I've been showing her and having her help take her shorts down and take off her diaper. We do this at bath time too so she can learn to undress and dress herself- though obviously not putting a diaper back on by herself :) She's learning to do it and doing well. But she hasn't grasped doing any of the steps without some guidance.

Yesterday when I put her in bed she fussed around, but was going down for nap late so we figured that was the case. Then she went to sleep and when she woke up she played quietly for quite some time. And when I went in to get her I discovered she's accomplished a new skill. She can now take her diaper off. She wasn't wearing pants- had a dress on for church- so it was pretty easily accessible. Unfortunately, her attempts to throw it out of the crib (along with everything else she had in there- dolls and her lovey blanket) also left the entire room sprinkled with small lumps of POOP.

I promised my kids not to post anything I'd completely embarrass them with, so the potty story stops there... but wow....

A new skill, aren't we proud??


  1. go brianna go! =)

  2. oh my, we've done the poopy all over the room thing. Yikes, that's a fun one for Mom :P Hope you guys fared well with the storm,

    Kelly S

  3. Brianna is so cute :>

  4. Yeah!! A new skill? I doubt poop throwing will ever be an Olympic sport, but maybe it'll help her with the shot put?

  5. That's funny...but it is one step closer to when she will be doing it on the potty every time :).

  6. When my older son was potty training, which was not until he was 4 almost 5 as he has autism and sensory issues, he wanted to wear big boy underpants. So one of the first day he did so, my nephew came over and asked me if he could have some chocolate. I told him I did not have any, he said he saw some on the floor (thank God he did not just pick it up and try to eat it) and wanted to know if there was a clean piece. Well, I had a trail of little poo balls all over the house! Also, my J is starting to try to take off his diaper now, and whiel it is great to see him tryign this new skill (He has CP so this is great for his impaired hand) I am not lookign forward to the messes once he succeeds. Congrats to Brianna, an important milestone it is!

  7. Laughing here! Yikes! What a mess to clean up! :)

  8. Hi Meredith, I'm so sorry I've not been online so much. I am still without a computer. I had to read all the news about Emma and WOW God was BUSY! Praise the Lord! I'm SO thrilled for you all! All our love, Lu

  9. Braska's GrammyAugust 25, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    I have become acquainted with you thru our daughter, Braska's mom. She asked me to pray for Emma, which I did. You are a blessed family, and you are sharing your blessing with others. Thank you!
    I have sent your house info to about 100 families on my email list. Maybe someone will pass it on to help you get it sold.

  10. Oh, no! Been there done that--most recently last week with our typical 2 1/2 year old. Sounds like Brianna's right on track with this one!

  11. at least she did not paint with it. The old mesh playpens were great for squishing it through. I wonder which kid did that? (E) Love, Mom

  12. Ah, something I remember not so fondly with Meghan, we keep Kara's diaper covered with bloomers at all times, even then she is often found in her crib naked. Thankfully only painted the bed once with poop.

    It is a rite of passage...