Monday, August 18, 2008


No word on Preston over the weekend but I'll try to get ahold of his folks soon to get another update. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for Chris, Julia, and their entire family and medical team!

Emma's doing great and is starting to roll over again and sit up a little more. She's back to giggling too :)

Kristopher's sad to miss school tomorrow so he must be enjoying it. His teacher is great and I know he's going to be one of those kids itching to go to school on the weekends!

Brianna's taking 2 steps together a few times a day and is so proud of herself. She's also signing and trying to make the sounds for lots of animals and doing great with body part recognition lately.

Micah's loving life and starting to wear his glasses a bit more. He's doing his "bear crawl" a lot more lately and loves going after the Pilates ball that way.

Cardiology for Brianna: Doing WONDERFUL, no need to come back for a YEAR!! YAY!! We've been on 6 months the past few so this is great!

Cardiology for Emma: Doing good, weaning off Lasix- down to once a day in two weeks then we'll go back in a month and she'll see how things look to get her off it all together after that. A little fluid around the heart still but not too bad. Pressures are ok but still a big concern and will likely always be... so we may as well just get used to it :)

Hurricane: Yes, Fay is headed here and we expect to have 40-50mph winds, up to 13" of rain (yeah, right) and possibility of tornadoes. The east bands of a hurricane have the most severe weather so instead of the eye of the storm (which is nice to get because you see the BEAUTIFUL weather while it all storms AROUND you)... we are getting these bands. Then again, it's only expected to be a category 1 when it makes landfall and a tropical storm by the time it makes it to us. We'll bring the trash cans in and the dog will stay in, the pool chairs will get tossed in the pool and the swings wrapped around the bar... and that's about it. The tree that might have fallen down fell on my mom's van during the last set of storms that came through here in '04, so no worries :) School's canceled in most of the path of the storm tomorrow though, so the little ones' first day of KAD won't be until Thursday. I doubt we'll get much more than a windy thunderstorm out of it. Hopefully not too many more mosquito breeding grounds!

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  1. Praying for Emma to continue to heal nicely!
    New York