Friday, August 22, 2008

Our House

We own a house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, situated in a quiet neighborhood where there are lots of school age kids and retired folks.  A lot of the older people are snow birds and come down for only half the year.  It's a pretty quiet neighborhood with a family feel to it.  Sidewalks, street lamps, you know the bit.  That house has a huge master bedroom suite (22x13) and the master bath has a big garden tub and pedestal sink.  The other two bedrooms are good sizes for bedrooms or an office or study.  There's a good sized family room, a dining room, and an eat-in kitchen with a dishwasher that my husband worked hard to install and then we only used it for 5 months before moving out.   It's on a corner lot, has a fenced yard, and has the juiciest tangelos I've ever eaten.  There's a fig tree on the side and avocados in the back.  Yum.

Why am I telling you about our house?  Because it's still for sale.  And we desperately need to sell it.  Not just because we're living somewhere else and don't want to keep it up.  Not because we expect to actually make any money on the sale (we won't be).  Mostly because we have a family of 6 which includes 3 kids in diapers, 2 on formula, and 2 eating baby food.  Even making my own babyfood and using store-brand products where we can, those things alone cost about $100/week.  It adds up quickly.  Don't get me wrong, the kids are worth every penny.  But when thinking of ways to save in order to make ends meet, this house stands out as a major agenda item.  When we placed it on the market, "market value" was $172,000.  We slowly dropped it in price, then QUICKLY dropped it more.  This week we took another $20,000 cut and now have it listed for $109,000.  We just need to sell it.  That's less than we bought it for, and we bought it before the market increased.  There are a few other houses on the market in that neighborhood right now, but those are all smaller, not as updated, and are all priced much higher.

If you know anyone interested in buying anytime soon, it's a great starter house or "finisher" house and we really need it to move.  Please share the link which shows details of the house, photos, and has contact information.  


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  2. Oh no, the no-name blogger strikes again. I am so sorry Meredith.

  3. Oh my gosh, they did not just say that! Again, it seems that those who leave those type of comments are to afraid to leave a name...unbelievable. They just don't know what a true blessing those litle ones are.
    I hate to see that you have another house to worry with, it seems really nice and quite cheap, the market is terrible here and I think it is all over. Praying that you are able to sell the house soon.

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  5. Simply cowardly. Really, uncalled for. Meredith, I know you are not asking for pity but simply NETWORKING to find a buyer for your other home. We also have a home that we need to sell. We planned to get it fixed up to sell after Ralphie was born. Instead we spent two months watching over him in the hospital. It would be a great blessing and a huge burden lifted to have it sold. I don't know anyone in your area, but I will pray that God sends you a buyer soon. One less bill would be nice, huh? Much love!

  6. Sorry I haven't been moderating comments tonight. Generally I'm reading through and delete these before they are out to be replied to by other commenters. Because what it ends up being is a conversation in comments defending me when I really don't feel there was any need for defense.

    To my anonymous commenter, yes, I deleted your comments and that's simply because I don't want this conversation to continue and in less than 2 hours it's already provided enough fuel for you.

    I don't post asking for anything, and have only posted the gifts we've received as a way to thank those that have given them. I guess posting as 'anonymous' allows you to say whatever you'd like, but really at least a way to reply would be great next time.

    And no, we don't have any state assistance for kids with permanent disabilities. Since you "asked".

    Yes, I'd like the house to sell. That was the point.

  7. I hope u do get your house sold Meredith, If I lived down there Id be happy to move in, It looks Gorgeous!!

    I actually want to see pics of your new house :) From the pics you post it looks Beautiful!

  8. Oh, I am so sad that it's not here in the Mid-Atlantic. What I would give to buy a house for that price! *sigh* The house is adorable, and I'm so sorry to hear you're having a hard time selling. Good luck!

  9. wow what a deal! I hate to see you have to drop it so low :(
    where are you moving too? I wish you all the luck in selling!!!