Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today's been such a blah day so far. It's had several bumps in the road which aren't ever fun and it's still too nasty to go outside. Maybe after nap time we'll be able to venture out for a walk. Even better, maybe something that was ordered for us will come today, making our walk much more fun! More on that little surprise later :) That would definitely make my day though! Until then I'll hang out with the gray skies, blowing trees, and constant rain inside the house with four little ones that are very ready to go out!


  1. Well your day should've gotten better by now because you should have had a knock at your door at 1:04 pm, hopefully with two packages!! LOL

  2. That is awesome!! You have great friends. Downsyn is so great. I used to be on there all the time prior to having 4 kids!

    Kids look great in the stroller. They fit perfectly.

  3. OOPS- I posted that on the wrong post!