Friday, August 08, 2008

Right where I should be...

Home in bed!

024 026

My crib (from Grandmommy's house) in Mommy and Daddy's room


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I like to give kisses on Mommy's fingers and then I grabbed her hand.  Stay with me a while?



Mommy thinks I'm adorable when I suck my thumb (especially if it means I don't have my whole hand in my mouth instead) and I've liked doing it more this past week.


  1. How wonderful you are home as a family again!! Emma is so strong and still has her beautiful smile!
    oh and glad you caught that med issue! that could of been scary!

  2. Wow, She's looking so good. What a beautiful smile she has in the previous post.

  3. So happy Emma is home with her family! She is a true miracle and testimony to God's love.


  4. still in awe that Emma is in her own bed tonight.

    there are no words... except "thank You, Lord."

    - Michelle

  5. What an amazing week y'all have had. Emma looks absolutely WONDERFUL!! Truly the hand of God.


  6. To think home you are home in your bed less than a week after having heart good was that sleeping in your bed? I k now you probably really missed the hard chairs that fold out LOL Her color seem to look better. or is it just me. She looke super

  7. She looks so content, so happy to be where she belongs, at home with the family that loves her!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! There is absolutley no doubt who is in control. I'm so glad your all home and I hope to see you soon.

    Love ya

  8. Go Emma!!! be happy sweet & beautiful girl, God is with you, always...Many Bessings to you ~

  9. I'm so glad to hear she is doing well! She looks great!

  10. Can you tell me what Emma's original name was in Ukraine? I know of a family at Antoshka right now who I think would be more than happy to relay the wonderful news about Emma.

  11. No better place to be than in your own bed! I am thrilled she is home and happy, she looks great, amazing. PTL

  12. Meredith, she looks wonderful! We are so happy for her and your whole family! Simply awesome!

    Michelle (RR)

  13. Praise the Lord, Miss Emma is home where she belongs! We will keep praying!


  14. Meredith she is PRECIOUS! I have been following this whole thing and I can't tell you how amazing your sweetie is!!!! But I am sure you already know!!!

  15. I'm just amazed. I haven't been to my putor in a few days and this news is just WOW. I can't believe she was home in such a short time. Prayers love and cyber hugs!