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Newest to oldest, my attempt to answer them and we'll see how far I get before giving up...

First off, God has proven to me over and over that He is providing some wonderful prayer support, people with answers to the unknowns in our walk, and even friendships through this blog-- and He showed that to me again when I saw that the post that has had the MOST COMMENTS EVER is to a special little baby boy, PRESTON.  I know it means a lot to his family to have your prayerful backing.  Please continue to pray for Julia and Chris and for their little guy in the days and weeks to come!

hello meredith, i have a question, do you have a blog policy?, can anyone just post a comment or this blog is just for your family and friends?, i don't have a blog & i don't know the rules. Liz (Boston) 

Hi Liz!  No, there's no policy on who can comment, but I do read every comment and if one is offensive to myself or others, than I will remove it.  I've only had to do this once in the past and I'm pleased to say that most people who comment are courteous in their replies.  If it ever becomes a problem then I will moderate comments.  I'm always glad to hear from new people though :)


Michelle said : i've read about that... and commented about my disapproval.
question though... is SAYING something like that a hate crime even if it IS towards a race, religion, etc.? i'm not saying whether or not it should be... i'm just wondering... because in this country, i believe that "free speech" means you can say you hate people based on those things. NOT that it's right, but isn't it legal because of free speech? (and again... i've told you how much you & your kiddos have inspired me... i'm just asking)

Good question.  I know they removed the 'n' word from the movie because it was "going too far".  I don't know whether it's considered a crime but it definitely is HATE SPEECH.


Alison said...Meredith- Where do you find the time???  THANK YOU!!! (about Ukrainian info)

Are you kidding?  This is my OUTLET :)  I love sharing info that is helpful to me and being a small part of other people's journeys to get their kids.  And, I love being an advocate for both my kids and those around the world still waiting for their forever families :)   I'm glad it was helpful!


Susan in Ky said... Emma looks good - could you use sterile vitamin E on her ow-ies,
to help them heal faster?

I probably could do that on the stitches sites but they seem to be healing pretty nicely on their own.  Because her chest incision is covered in 'glue' it can't get wet at all and the vitamin E will likely make the glue come off sooner.  It is starting to peel some already (I know, eww) so once that's come off I probably could use vitamin E.  I'll ask her cardio, thanks for the idea!


Jennine M. said... (excerpt) As a 24 year old, the general language of those around me includes daily usage of the word retarded. While I never accepted this word, I never took a stand against it. That is, until I became a mother's helper/nanny for a 5 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Mery is the most intelligent child that I have ever met - I say this truthfully, as she functions at a full cognitive level, reading chapter books in grade primary.
Unfortunately, there have been many nights when I have put her to bed, and she has curled into my arms sobbing because she hears people calling her retarded. Yes, she is talking about the kids at school, but she's also talking about overhearing adults while she is out and about.

I wanted to reply to you even though you didn't ask a question :)  I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to work with that young lady!  What a difference one life can make.  I had the privilege of caring for a 2 yr old little girl with CP when I was in my sr year of high school.  She is now going in to 6th grade and the last I talked to her sister she'd passed the FCAT without any assistance and was doing wonderful!  The body doesn't always reflect the mind.  Either way, you're right, kids can speak volumes.   Oh, and I'm not that many years ahead of you and I have to agree, my world is surrounded with "the R word" on a regular basis, especially when I was in college or working with the church youth group.


Anonymous said... honestly, if it hadn't been for what i've seen, read, and learned through your blog, i'd probably still have the same view of kids with down syndrome as i always did - not freaks, not really inferior, i just didn't think they could amount to anything. i am ashamed to admit it, but i'm being honest. as i grew older, that view did change, but it changed even further once i read about your little ones. in some ways, they make the world a much better place than those who put them down.

I know, you didn't ask a question either, but I wanted to THANK YOU for sharing with me (even if you didn't leave a name ;) ).  This, foremost, is why I blog!


People who left links to follow to more info: Words Hurt: The "r" Word, Nikki's blog, Kristy's blog

April said... Do you have trouble keeping emma off of her tummy and do you have to "scoop" her up when you hold her?

No, Emma doesn't want to be on her tummy yet, so no problems there.  The nurses said she'll pretty much determine how much she's ready for in that aspect and she's only been on her back and sides thus far so that's my clue she's still healing.  And Yes, we have to scoop her up, which is a bit difficult since she's so much longer than an infant.  I generally lay her on my entire arm (elbow at her head) and hold her bottom in the other hand to carry her so that she doesn't "fold up" :)


Shelley said... HA! You really think life with 4 little ones is going to be boring?????

True true... of all people YOU would know! :)


Shari said... Boring is good sometimes and I think a good thing for you! :o)Nobody's life to me is boring. To you it might seem that way. The regular ins and outs of life are fun to read about! I truly do enjoy your blog!

Oh no, I didn't mean it in that way!  I love following other people's blogs as well and I don't think it's possible to lead a boring life! :)


Christine said... Can you tell me what Emma's original name was in Ukraine? I know of a family at Antoshka right now who I think would be more than happy to relay the wonderful news about Emma.

I e-mailed you with her name- Daria- and her last name too, this is so neat!  I hope they're able to tell the director and doctors!


Mary said... Merideth,Can I have your permission to use this story in my teaching? (excerpt) I am now the RN RHC--Resident Home Corporation. We provide housing and support for adults with developmental disabilities. I teach the medication administration class, and am looking for real life examples of how the folks GIVING the medicine are the "last line" and you cannot assume that all of these other people who have more formal education than you will never make a mistake, and they MUST check the bottle with the written script all the time! This would certainly drive home this point, if I could have your permission to use it. I'd like to pass along your blog, and ask for additional prayers for you...so you will 'get something" out of it.

Sorry I didn't get back to you before right now, Mary, but yes, of course you may use this to teach.  I'm glad to be a part of it.  Feel free to share or not share my blog as you see fit.


Kristen said...Funny thing- I was at Mom's Night Out with our local Ds group last night and one of the mom's mentions how she just found a blog of a young family who adopted two angels from Ukraine...who do you think she was talking about??? LOL! I had the pleasure of saying, yep! she's a friend! (((HUGS))) for you, Mike and all of your babies.

Small world! :)  I'm glad to call you a friend as well!  Kristopher asks about Ethan all the time, can't wait to see you again sometime!


April said... To think home you are home in your bed less than a week after having heart surgery...how good was that sleeping in your bed?

Oh... it was WONDERFUL! :)  Actually, we stayed at the RMH so no folding chairs, but still nothing's like being home and having a baby girl by my side!

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