Sunday, August 31, 2008


I opened the mail from my gas company and once again there's a HUGE bill. Not just a big bill like $40 or so (this is big because no one is actually LIVING in the house and there's no actual gas being used...). No, it's $129. OUCH. What's the deal??

So I get on my gas account online and it shows the last payment was in April. Really? Was I that bad of a slacker with bills on the other house? That's really not like me...

Then I got on my account at my bank where I pay bills from. SENT $10, $30, $38, $30... May, June, July August. It's come out of my account each time. That adds up to $108 that is somehow "lost". Where did it go? I've been doing electronic banking for much longer than that and never had a problem with that account before. They'd gotten it every month. Plus, they've been charging me LATE FEES of $5 each month the past 4 months. I apparently overpaid one month because the new bill is $22 (out of that $129) so I only should have had a bill before that of $101, and that includes $20 in late fees, so I should have paid them only $81.

$81 (previous charges) +$22 (new charges)=$103 Seems to me they owe me $5. And they need to find the other checks.


  1. OH no! That stinks!
    I hope they figure it out soon!

  2. Oh, what I would give to only pay $38 a month for gas!! :)