Friday, August 08, 2008

The On-call Cardio's answer?

"I have no idea, I guess give her the 1.25 MG because that's on the discharge papers. Sounds like the pharmacy messed it up." (which could have been fatal since it lowers your blood pressure and would have been one and a half times the original prescribed amount... on a 21 lb kid that would make a BIG difference!!! THANK YOU CATHY for the head's up to check the prescription bottles...)


  1. Merideth,
    Can I have your permission to use this story in my teaching? This is Mary, Daniil's mom...Now Joey. (By the way, he is doing daughter calls him Stalin all the time because he is such a bossy little Russian!) I am now the RN RHC--Resident Home Corporation. We provide housing and support for adults with developmental disabilities. I teach the medication administration class, and am looking for real life examples of how the folks GIVING the medicine are the "last line" and you cannot assume that all of these other people who have more formal education than you will never make a mistake, and they MUST check the bottle with the written script all the time! This would certainly drive home this point, if I could have your permission to use it. I'd like to pass along your blog, and ask for additional prayers for you will 'get something" out of it.
    By the way, we dont' post much any more, but all of our family and neighbors are following what is happening, and I just sobbed when I read how well Emma is doing! We are Catholic, and have asked Mary in prayers to hold Emma along with Jesus, and provide comfort to all of you! Glad to see everyone "UP THERE" Is doing their part.

  2. Grrr! Darah had to have a allergy medicine once and the dosage was supposed to be 5 mg once a day and I got 15 mg tablets. I wouldn't have known the difference except on the bottle, it said "do not use with children under a certain age" so I called the nurse. She said the dose was supposed to be 5 mg and sure enough, the pharmacy screwed it up.

  3. ALWAYS second guess!!! Second guessing may have saved my life before...and a second time it was the pharmacist that caught the doctors mistake! I had to second guess about Miles medication recently, but at least his wasn't life-threatening... he probably would have been in some pain though. You did the right thing! Good catch!

  4. The copy of the prescription should be at the pharmacy (at least at our Walgreen's) so if it is wrong it will be the doctor or whoever wrote it. If it is not a match for the copy, then it would be the pharmacy. Good catch I have a hard time figuring what they write most of the time so just take it and wait to see what happens. Guess that's a bad Idea. LOve, Mom

  5. one of my preventatives is supposed to be 100mg daily... the pharmacy gave me 10mg tablets. i knew EXACTLY what dosage it was because i was on the lower dosages to start with - plus i can identify every pill i take and i knew it was wrong.

    it could've easily pushed me into psychosis because it messes with brain chemicals... and when i got off the 100mg too fast before (under neuro supervision) i attempted suicide. not because i was depressed but because i literally went mental. they said it's a miracle i'm alive... when the alarms in the ambulance started going, the EMTs started praying with me... in the ER i had 2 nurses squeezing bags of IV fluid into me and they brought the crash cart right next to me...

    ...all because i got off my prevention meds too quickly, even though it was as directed.