Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday morning- 48 hrs post op

Emma is awake and pretty content this morning. I made a point of getting the nurses to look at her pain meds times and for them to give them to her around the clock. I couldn't bear waiting yesterday for them to kick in while she cried for 20-40 minutes... She seems to have had a good night, so that's good, and her foley catheter is out this morning. That also means they're not monitoring her temperature anymore and her little toes were like ice when I came in. I put her little baby legs on the other leg as well and hopefully that will warm her up a bit. She won't leave a blanket on for anything.

Emma got a new bed overnight too, she's now in a crib instead of a full cot. she doesn't seem to mind, and I like it a little better because it has these clear plastic pieces on the top half of it all the way around. I like that because our nurse is COUGHING. Yep, in the CVICU we have a nurse that is constantly coughing and is leaving the room occasionally because she's coughing so much. If she attempts to come near Emma without washing her hands she's gonna hear about it!! The last thing she needs right now is an infection and it bothers me that she's even working with ICU patients while she's coughing. If she really gets going I am going to ask her to wear a mask at least... seems like that would be obvious to start with...

It doesn't seem I have Internet in the room today. I don't know if that's because there's now a huge metal crib next to me that's blocking the signal or because it's not working, but I don't seem to be able to access it anyway.

Overall Emma's doing good- better than expected in all ways. They are talking about taking out her arterial line, doing an echo, weaning her off oxygen as possible, getting her off the Milrinone (IV med), and hopefully starting eating today. Sounds like a busy day!


  1. We'll be keeping the prayers coming!

  2. That nurse should not be there today if she is sick, especially in the ICU with kids!! You have every right to ask her to wear a mask while being around Emma.

    So glad Emma is doing so good.

    Mom C

  3. I'm so pleased to hear such great news about Emma. It makes my day! Keep us updated, OK?

  4. Wow, amazing how much they're hoping to do today! God is awesome.

  5. Oh my gosh I would SO be telling someone that I didn't want that nurse in my room with my baby! What is she thinking?!?!??!?! GRRRRRRRR!

    Sounds like a busy day but a GOOD day!

  6. i do not like this nurse. she's lucky i'm not there, i'd have some words for her! :-P that's just downright irresponsible... and you have a right to have that nurse do whatever is necessary to protect your daughter. sad she even has to be told...