Friday, August 29, 2008

Big girl Brianna!

The past few days Brianna's once again been crying at bedtime and nap time and then settling in and going to sleep. When this was happening a few months ago I brought in the toddler bed from the garage, plopped in a mattress, and let her try it out a few nights. Then we realized she may as well sleep on the floor since that's where she always ended up. We went back to the crib and returned the toddler bed to its respective shelf (still fully assembled) and decided to try again later. After all, we then were dealing with Emma's O2 stuff and it just seemed like a good idea to have Brianna continue to be contained for more than even just her inability to stay in the bed.

Last night I sat and read a book to Brianna and she curled up on the pillow and got nice and comfy on the twin that's in the girls' room. When I considered moving her she climbed to the other end and laid down. When I asked if she wanted to sleep there it was met with a resounding YES and no fussing when I turned out the light and left the room. Of course I did stack up a ton of pillows on the small opening between the baby rail and the foot of the bed so she'd have less opportunity to fall out and made sure the floor was clear of anything she might fall on (the doll house toys were all over) if she did fall out of bed. But she went to sleep just fine and slept all night! And this morning? I heard her CRY and thought SHOOT!! and ran to the other end of the house to pick her little body off the floor and comfort her... but she was still in bed! She was sitting at the end (it's a daybed so 3 sides have 'rails') and wanted to get up! So maybe... just maybe... she'll skip the toddler bed and go right to a twin?

She napped in the twin today as well and was out cold when we left to go see the tigers... yep, REAL ones... at a friend of my parents' house. They were gorgeous! More on them later when I can post the pic's from Dad's camera too. Anyway, a full night and a half nap and no falling out of bed! What a big girl you are Brianna! (I still think I'll get a second side rail for her bed to make sure she doesn't fall out!)

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  1. I have to laugh at the toddler bed concept. I've raised 5 kids...never owned a toddler bed! LOL (and hello! I'm not that old!)