Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday afternoon, lots of crying :(

The internet isn't working in Emma's room, so sorry for the late posts today. Emma's cried about 1/2 the morning.  She had the echo, got her A-line out, and has a runny nose now.  I'm about to head back up there now but it doesn't look like I'll update again until after 7 when I head back to the RMH.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  Emma's recovery is coming along well and her voice isn't even as hoarse as it has been (from the Vent) today.  Her cries are a little stronger which is a good thing even though I want to stand and cry over her too since I can't pick her up and cuddle her yet.  She's still on the pacer wires and has the drain tube so they don't want her held yet.  On the other hand they said she might be able to take a walk later... Wow, wouldn't that be a miracle??  The nurse was shocked when I told her Emma doesn't walk LOL.

More later...



  2. Thanks for the update! I have been curious all day how she is doing.

    It would be great if she could go for a stroll today, different scenery.

    Kristopher had fun today at VBS. I think Micah has a cold. Coughing and a runny nose all day.

    Take care!!

    Love, Mom C

  3. Praying for Emma, she is in God's hands ~ , God is with her, helping her every minute to promptly recover, sending a lot of positive energies and good thoughts to you...

  4. Thanks for the post, Meredith! Been thinking about your little lovey all day today! We're all pulling for her!!!!

    Michelle (RR)

  5. Meredith,

    Just got in from out of the country, SOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear this wonderful news about Miss Emma! She is such a little trooper and a blessing and God is using her in such great ways :) You tell that nurse to stop coughing on your baby! When my daughter was in the hospital I had start a lot of sentences with "I'm not trying to be difficult, BUT..." Hope you are hanging in there.

    God Bless,

  6. I would ask about the coughing nurse. If she IS sick she should not be at work. However, it is possible that she simply has a chronic cough or something like that. We have a friend who does and it still is hard to have them coughing around my kid even though I know they aren't sick.

    It would be worth asking though, don't want to take any chances.

  7. Oh I can only imagine how tough it is to see her crying and not be able to snuggle her. :(

    I hope she gets more comfortable soon and time feels like it's moving quickly for her!

  8. :( Poor baby....POOR MOMMY! Hope you get to cuddle with her soon!

  9. aww... poor Emma! i know when i can't comfort or really help or take away the pain of those i love, it's pure torture, i can't imagine what it's like when it's your child.

    in some ways i'm glad she's at least able to cry, even though obviously it's bad she's in pain. it means she's strong enough to cry... she seems to be doing so much better than i ever thought she would be. God has been working so many miracles in all of this... i'm absolutely amazed.

    i'm putting a few more things in the package & then i'll mail it off. hopefully it'll help a little in some way. :-)

    please keep us updated as you can... praying for all of you!

  10. Things sound like they are going well. I can't wait for you to be able to hold and comfort her. I am sure you will feel better then as well.


  11. Bless her little heart!! I know you must be aching to hold her. I pray it will be very SOON!

  12. well, you never know! she might feel mighty spunky with a new ticker and do a jig for ya!!
    I am so glad she is crying, I mean you want some fight, she not only survived the surgery but is telling what she does and doesn't like and that is just golden.
    I am stunned at how well she is doing, keep checking in on you,
    Amy O.

  13. I'm glad she's doing so well, though I'm sure it's hard for her to just stay in bed. And Meredith, I have plenty more BLs so if you need more, say the word and I'll get them to you pronto.

  14. Emma looks alert and so pretty...even if the photos are the post op ones. You all are a pillar of strength for each other and for your Emma. We continue to send prayers. Keep the faith!
    Nancy T In Lex., Ky

  15. I had to reread that twice, a walk would be a miracle right now, wouldn't it!! lol