About the Cornish Family

Our family isn't exactly the "typical" family, but I believe we have been built by God's leading and that's worth much more than 'normalcy' to us!  Michael and I married in July 2001 in our hometown in Florida.  We each finished our Bachelor's degrees, Michael's in business and mine in elementary education from UCF in 2003 and 2004.  After we began our family, Michael went back to school and received his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership in 2009.  

God made us parents for the first time when Kristopher was born to us in February 2004. What a gift it is to be a mother and father! 

In January 2006 Brianna was born and in March of that year she was diagnosed with Down syndrome.  She underwent open heart surgery and the placement of a g-tube in June of that year, but is now a healthy 'typical' little girl!  God used the diagnosis of Down syndrome as a blessing to us and called us into adoption in the fall of 2007.  

In February 2008, Emma (5 yrs old) and Micah (18 months old) joined our family through international adoption from Ukraine.   Emma (born February 2003) was in very bad health when she joined our family, weighing just 17 pounds and in need of open heart surgery.  She has Down syndrome as well as autism from the years spent in a crib without interaction, and mild CP from strokes caused by her heart defect. Micah is 8 months younger than Brianna (born September 2006) and has Down syndrome as well as moderate hearing loss.  He was 11 pounds at 18 months old and had pneumonia since birth due to aspiration.  He is now an active and happy little boy and uses sign language to communicate.

The Lord blessed us further when we had our next biological baby girl, Lynae, in September 2009!  She now is challenging her siblings to keep up with her and is a lively little girl with such a great imagination!

In the first few days of 2010 God asked Michael and I individually to put our 'yes' on the table.  Michael was in Africa and I was home with our 5 children.  God then burdened our hearts for a 3 year old little boy with Down syndrome in the Florida foster system.  We finalized the adoption of James (born August 2006, 1 month older than Micah and 7 months younger than Brianna)  in September 2010.  James was born prematurely and likely had drug and alcohol exposure before birth.  He also has ADHD and sensory processing disorder.  He loves his role as "little brother" and makes sure to take advantage of all the benefits such as running down the hall to the girls' bedroom, opening the door and yelling at the top of his lungs, then slamming it and running away!  He keeps our family on our toes!

In July of 2010, Michael and I answered God's calling to commit to a little boy waiting in Ukraine.  Wesley (born February 2005) has cerebral palsy and joined our family in December 2010.  We didn't know God would be "filling the gap," but he is exactly a year younger than Kristopher and a year older than Brianna.  Wesley is considered a "total care" child, as he cannot do any of his own daily care.  He is fed with a g-tube and cannot sit or stand.  He can roll to get what he wants and enjoys the activity of all his siblings around him!  Wesley is also legally blind, which affects his sensory input and he has difficulty with loud sounds and changing light when he's not in a familiar environment.

2012 Left to Right: Brianna, Micah, Aleksa, Delaina,
Meredith, Lynae, James, Michael, Emma,
Kristopher, Wesley
Along with Wesley came our surprise adoption.  In January 2008 we met little Aleksa (born October 2002).  She was in Ukraine and has Down syndrome, but she had been moved to a mental institution by the time we arrived to try to adopt her at that time.  When that request was denied, we went on to adopt Emma and Micah during that trip instead.  We were blown away when God brought missionaries into our lives on September 17, 2010 who had regular interaction with Aleksa at her institution.  During our adoption of Wesley we were able to go back to the institution, speak with the director, and adopt Aleksa at the same time!  December 17, exactly 3 months after our first interaction with the missionaries, Aleksa walked out of the institution as our daughter.  She came in as our most recent and is now the oldest child in our family.  Aleksa has hurts from her past that may take a lifetime to overcome, but she has grown so much in the last years that it is obvious that God is moving mountains in her life.

Our newest addition is another 'home made' child, our daughter Delaina, born to us in July 2012.  She is a spunky and determined little one as she tries to keep up with her older siblings.  She is a precious blessing, as are all of our children, and we are enjoying seeing her grow and learn.

During the first 12 years of our marriage, up until recently, Michael worked in several ministry positions including youth, administration, and network administrator at our church.  I was a children's minister for several years, taught home school classes for individuals, and have since focused primarily on our family and currently on homeschooling all of our children.

As our children got older and we found the need for more adapted church programming for most of our children with special needs, God called us out of our church of 12 years.  We believe that God is leading us back in to pastoral ministry and we are looking for the church home that has a heart for the special needs community with a desire to incorporate them in to the Body of Christ.  In the mean time, we have found a place of "rest" at FBC Orlando, and despite the long drive to get there, we are enjoying being a party of that Body.  We are thankful for the Journey that God has us on!

Michael and I have left our "yes" on the table, and we continue to answer God's calling wherever he leads!  He has blessed us abundantly as we strive to serve Him in every aspect of our lives.