Friday, August 29, 2008

This is why...

International adoption grabbed our hearts. This is why we went to Ukraine. This is why after our failed attempt to adopt Sasha we knew it was Emma we were sent for. This is why I advocate for these little ones with my entire being.  This is why I am burdened for the kids. This is what happens in many many countries. This was the fate of my children. This is why... Take a look.

Your mind might change.

Their destiny has changed.


  1. Oh, this article has me choking back tears. How can this be happening in this day and age?

  2. I am glad to see that these conditions are being brought into the open again. People can't be allowed to forget about what is going on in these institutions.

    I am going to post the link to this story on my blog too :)


  3. I saw this tonight on Dateline and cried the whole way through. I am so thankful for our little boy and pray that many more children will become available until they can change the conditions there. So many countries are still stuck in times past. I advocate for RR everywhere I go and I pray for those with the power to change things in Serbia and other countries.

  4. I am not supposed to be blogging until Wednesday. I had to check on a couple of blogs though. I can't believe that. I couldn't help but cry for those poor little kids and the adults, too. I was so 'blind' not even really realizing this is what happens in other countries. Thank you for bringing this to light.

  5. i don't even know how to ask this after what i just saw, so please understand if it comes across in a bad way...

    do you know if this is what the place emma was going to end up in is like?

    - michelle

  6. We have the power to end this. We can't just feel bad for a few days or weeks and move on with our safe, secure lives. We MUST do everything in our power - both as individuals and as a country - to see that things change and change quickly.

    ACT! Write to your Congressperson. Make LARGE donations to groups such as RR. C'mon, you can get another year out of that car, or vacation close to home rather than a trip to the Caribbean. MAKE NOISE!!!!
    Send this article/program to your boss, your Pastor, all your friends. If every office or corporation in America decided to sponsor ONE child, every one of them would be adopted and the Institutions would have no need to exist.

    ~Cheri in NH

  7. I watched this too. This is why we MUST get as many children home as possible! It is not only Serbia, it is many European/Asian/South American/Central American countries. These children/adults have to value. We must work on so many levels. To educate all we can, to change government responses to such abuse, to save one child's life. WE have the power, through God, to make these changes. We must PRAY and get busy!

  8. Wow, what a neat article...very touching!
    Not sure if you've already seen this:
    You don't have to be an American Express card holder to sign up and vote to nominate Reese's Rainbow for the grant...

  9. My husband keeps telling me I can't save the world, but I keep trying anyway... Stories like the one in Serbia make me wish I could do even more.

  10. Just wanted to say thanks for posting that link. . .