Monday, December 20, 2010


Today was Wesley’s “Gotcha” day!  Here he is with one of the caretakers and his house doctor (left)

 DSCN9002 DSCN9003

He was so happy :) 


Nadya took this for me- I’m so glad she did! I meant to and always forgot!  This photo was hanging in the hallway when we went in to the orphanage.


Bundled and ready to go!


I’m disappointed that his favorite caretaker wouldn’t allow me to take her photo.  She was being modest and didn’t want the gift we brought either (but we convinced her to take it!).  So no photo with her… :(


Aleksa being sweet with Wesley and Mommy

DSCN9008 DSCN9010 DSCN9016

Wesley’s first bath… um… he didn’t hate it as much as it looks!  But he didn’t exactly enjoy it either.  He smelled great afterward though ;) (I’m not holding him down, but rather just keeping a hand on him so he didn’t startle and scare himself when I took the picture!)

DSCN9018 DSCN9021

And here he is now… sleeping sweetly in his ‘tent’.


We didn’t get a ton of photos today because Wesley had a rough adjustment.  He spent a lot of the day fussing on and off.  We had lots of simles and ‘times’ of quiet… but he mostly just fussed.  Poor kiddo has a lot of changes ahead still.

THANKFULLY, he has some bonds and likes ‘familiar’ which is an excellent starting point for our life together as a family!  He fell asleep on my chest tonight and then let me lay him in his bed after a little while.  Sweet dreams Wesley!


  1. Congratulations! Isabel's first bath was hellish, but I couldn't wait for her to not smell like cabbage anymore!

  2. Congratulations on your two new additions! I'm so glad they found their family!

  3. yeah and congratulations!! he is so cute Meredith! I am sure he will adapt nicely into your family!

  4. Hey - i'm newer to reading this blog, but wanted to encourage you...
    What you are doing is beautiful and inspiring - and faith filled. There is a ripple effect to this kind of love that will last for generations... i know that it must be tempting to keep your blog private - but i (a stranger) appreciate your openness in sharing your story.
    May God continue to give you what you need...

  5. A beautiful gotcha day - congrats Cornishes!

  6. his pjs are adorable! Im glad that things are going okay!


  8. I am so happy Wesley is out of there and with his family...FOREVER! ALl my snooping was worth it!!! And I won't stop til I find them the children in the 'back rooms' and get them posted on RR!!! God Bless you and your amazing family!

  9. Congratulations and Happy Gotcha Day Wesley! So glad you have got both kids. Can't wait for you to get those precious angels home to their Daddy and siblings :)

  10. Oh, he looks soooo sweet sleeping there! And it's wonderful that Aleksa was sweet with him - that says a lot about her :)

  11. Oh Meredith, Praise God, I'm so thrilled for you all! Wesley is adorable and Aleksa is so cute with him! Now you can take a deep breath, knowing that you got them before any changes in the government. Now we will be praying you home before Christmas and for "easy" (as if that's possible really, lol) adjustments for the children and then the entire family. I'm so glad you have your friend with you as another pair of hands, it would be brutal otherwise. Praising God for all His provision.

  12. Oh so glad he is with you safely now!!!

  13. What an amazing journey you have had! I've been praying for your little guy since I first heard of him on Adeye's blog. Praise God that he (and Aleksa) are with their forever family!

  14. wow finally You have done it!! GOd is great! what precious little ones congratulations on BOTH gotcha days

  15. I read several of your posts all at once since I've been out of touch for a few days. What an adventure you're having! I'm so happy that you've got them both. Amazing! Hallelujah! Fun to recognize people in your pictures. The same person who cuts Aleksa's hair must have cut our girl's. Maybe they teach a class somewhere for the "orphanage haircut." Are you in the same building we were? Is it the other apartment? It looks similar, but in different colors. Praying for you all as you prepare to GO HOME!!! Love you.

  16. Congrats Mer! This song came to mind when I read your blog! God Bless you & your family! You are a living testimony to many!

    We're pilgrims on the journey
    Of the narrow road
    And those who've gone before us line the way
    Cheering on the faithful, encouraging the weary
    Their lives a stirring testament to God's sustaining grace.....