Monday, September 01, 2008

Tuesday's the day...

Emma's IEP meeting is at 1:00. That's where we'll determine her placement and services for the school year. I have paperwork requesting homebound services until the end of the year and our pediatrician said she'd like to extend it to the end of Flu season at that time. So this is to set up who will provide her services, what she will receive, and set up a homebound teacher as well. This is all pretty new to me, though I've been in IEP meetings before. Never this type of thing and never on the side of a parent.

I'm going prepared with the goals that I am currently working on and I hope that our final plan is agreeable to what is the optimal for Emma. The biggest concerns I have right now are the school they'd have her attending if she was in a classroom (almost 25 minutes away and don't have to worry about that for a while!) and that I've heard that 'they' want to classify her as kindergarten by age, whereas I'd like her to be classified as Pre-K by dev. level... we shall see!


  1. Good luck! IEP day is always so stressful.

  2. Good Luck Meredith! Ill keep my fingers crossed all goes well

  3. Best of luck, fight for the right placement in your eyes, but some school districts do not offer full services until K so see which way is better. I would fight to place her as low as possible and let her build up slowly with the other children. My SN daughter is 2 years behind and it is perfect for her. You can go 2 years back in most districts.
    Amy O

  4. I hope they agree to everything you request.