Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Notice the number of pictures lately?  Compliments of my new cell phone that will post to Blogger for me...

Hopefully there will be plenty more pictures as time goes on and I remember to use the camera on the phone so its easier to post...

As for this picture... well, it's Wesley in his cast, obviously... and of course not really happy...

But do you notice something odd...?  Yes, it IS split all the way down the front.  I wonder how that happened? 

Ok well, now that you are curious, yes, I will tell you.  When Wes came out of surgery he wasn't able to take deep breaths. In fact, the cast was so tight that you couldn't fit anything between his skin and the fast when he was breathing really shallow.

So... the surgical technician came in and split the cast allowing him room to expand his lungs.

And then, yes, there's more...  and then we went upstairs and the first time we checked on his diaper we saw how tight it was on his bottom too.  In fact, there was pressure not only.on his spine area, but his little cheeks were squashed too.  The surgeon payedr us a visit to determine how much to cut away from the cast and the surgical tech worked his magic once more.

Poor kiddo...  this is my child who hates public restrooms because of the noise of the flushing toilets.  He did NOT love the casting saw!!

But this too shall pass.  He's sleeping great right now!


  1. Oh, that poor honey. I sure hope it's more comfortable now - well, as comfortable as half a body cast can be. The public restroom thing - I wonder if it's a vision impairment issue. Marissa absolutely freaks out at the sound of a public restroom toilet being flushed. It makes for some very interesting (and hectic) potty trips.

  2. So glad that Wesley seems to be doing better and is able to sleep. I can attest to the fact that having a cast cut is quite scary even for an adult! I broke my wrist and had to experience it being sawed and it about brought on a panic attack - saw sounds and body parts do not go together! Hope he continues to heal and that you are able to get some rest too.


  3. Poor sweet squeezed boy! Hope he's feeling a little better.