Monday, June 02, 2008

Planning without purpose

My mind has switched to travel gear.  I'm thinking about what we need to have with us, who is going where and what each person is doing.  I'm trying to decide who to ask for help and who to say "no thanks" (thankfully we have an abundance of people willing to step in and help).  Most of all though I'm going over and over again how I can continue to spend as much time as possible with all of my kids. 

After going to Ukraine for 7 weeks Brianna doesn't want me to leave her sight unless she's with Mike.  Understandable.  I don't dare leave Micah yet and of course Emma's going to be in the hospital and need me the most.  If all three little ones are then going to Tampa/St. Pete, why would I leave Kristopher here?  There's no reason.  He'd understand that I'm coming back, but there's no reason for him not to be with his sister and brother and whomever I get to help out over there.  And of course his mom.  Mike will come over on weekends but he'll have to keep working if there's nothing major happening (he'll come for surgeries).

Part of me wants all these definite plans. I want to know who is going to do the T&A, tubes, and ABR.  I want to know when the surgery will be.  I want to know which hospital it will be at.  Once I have those three things then I can make my plans.  But not until then.  Depending on the hospital, the RMH is either walking distance or a 30 minute drive.  OUCH.  Depending on the timing different people are available to go.

So I can't do anything.  Once again I can say "2 weeks" and have no idea what I might be doing in 2 weeks.  The good part though?  After Emma's immunization appointment on the 10th (hmm, guess I need to ask if she should get those or not), we only have a cardio appointment on the 12th and that's all for the MONTH.  Yes, you heard that right, the rest of June is FREE!  And July?  Other than my Aunt visiting we have ZERO plans.  And she's staying with my parents.  See?  It's all good.

Oh... except therapy.  But let's see, which one's more important- being with your mom and no formal therapy, or being with a sitter and getting therapies.  Yep, mom wins.  Brianna will probably be a little glad to skip therapies for a little bit while we're gone.  A change of pace is never a bad thing and she's been a bit of a crab for all of her therapists here lately.  Micah is barely getting started but he's got so much catching up he's doing WITHOUT anything that I know he'll be just fine.  Brianna will miss having ST tho.  No matter what kind of day she's having she usually still loves ST.

One more thing on the list tho, when we have a date- cancel therapies for the kids.  One problem- there IS no list.  And my brain is failing miserably, in case you don't remember my OTHER post from today...

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  1. Deep Cleansing Breathes. It'll come together. You and I are totally alike. I can manage as long as I have all the details and I can 'organize' everything. I HATE not being able to plan though. Isn't it wonderful that you have this 'problem'. A month ago, you didn't have these issues on your radar screen. So happy they are willing to do surgery.