Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some pictures from the weekend

Here are some of the three muskateers playing at the RMH playroom.  Kristopher was mostly enthralled with the TV... it was on Sponge Bob and he knows he's not allowed to watch it so that made it even more interesting...


 005 011 009008   016015014006

And this is how Emma has stayed entertained.  Madagascar, The Bee Movie, and Sky High have been the shows of choice so far, but I have one or two others I've been holing up for today and tomorrow still.  Pretty much the only time she wants to be on my lap is if the computer has a movie going.  She's pretty much done with being here too!!  Drink girly and we can go HOME!!

003   017 022

My little beautiful girl.  She still has a ring on her face from that dumb oxygen sticker.  That was 3 days ago!


  1. Thank you for the pictures. I am glad you have the laptop to keep her entertained a little. She looks so grown up in the one picture. Hope you get some rest today.
    Mom C

  2. Wow that little Micah has chunked up. I had to double take to make sure it was him. Poor miss Emma. Hope she eats and and gets to come home soon. our prayers will be with ya'll.

  3. Oh my goodness--look at how well Micah is sitting now! It is exciting to me to see the day-by-day progress your little ones are making! Carolyn

  4. Her face will heal from the sticker. Just think Addy had those stickers 24/7 for almost 20 months! Emma's poor little hand! :( I hope it gets better!

  5. I'm so sorry to know that you all are still at the hosp. but it is nice to know that the people your kiddos are with are taking good care of them, I know that is a relief. Ouch poor Emma, her hand looks painful!!! I hope that gets better real soon. Is she acting ok....she looks so big and like a cutie in the picts., luckily she likes to watch movies on the comp. M is looking like such a big boy sitting up and with gaining weight, he looks so healthy. Yeah!