Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick update

Emma had a bit of a rough evening/night. She woke up around 1am and got some pain meds then about 20 min later I gave her a 5 oz bottle. She ate a little and then later on I heard her drinking again. About every hour all night long she pulled off the O2 and her SATs or her HR would go crazy. The HR was set down to 50, so it didn't go off until it was REALLY low. Fixed that this morning! Anyway, she did ok and this morning she drank another 3 oz. Sometime in the next hour or so I expect the home health guy to bring out the rest of her supplies- including those lovely face stickers- so that she might be able to keep it on. She also kept taking off her pulse-ox toe thingy so we put a tight sock on. She likes the glowing light :) ET!

Off to get the girls DRESSED (aah! it's 11 already!) and start on lunch. Thank you EVERYONE that has been praying for little miss! We know God is the one working miracles and bringing our big girl back home.


  1. Oh Meredith, you are just starting all the stuff we are getting rid of! We don't put Addy's pulse ox on until she is asleep because she pulls it right off too! We say she's bringing in the airplanes with that light! We go to the pulmonologist on Tues so I can send you our extras if we get the go ahead! I'm sure we'll monitor at night still but you never know! I'm so glad she's drinking! YEAH!

  2. Glad she is drinking. Sawyer would grab the o2 cannula, too. We put socks on his hands to limit the access. We used a very stubborn tape too. (but since she had blisters from the tape in the hospital, that might not work. We stretched the o2 cannula tight and grabbed it with the tape or the little stickies. between that and the socks (plus he was younger), that kept the o2 on well. We also didn't leave the pulse/ox on all nite. (Just tested periodically, since we had to give meds every 3 hours anyway) Perhaps the socks on the feet and hands will help. Those darn pulse/ox straps don't make a good connection half the time anyway. You almost need a new strap every night.

    Good luck,

  3. Thankfully she is drinking! AND, you are home! I have been praying for y'all. Hope you are able to get some much deserved rest.


  4. Meredith, frequent, short baths provide the opportunity for the body to absorb water transdermally.

    Just another idea to try to add some fluid to little Emma. Hope she changes her mind and remembers how much she likes to drink!

  5. Thinking about you and your sweetheart- hoping Friday night was an easier night for miss Emma. I hope you're catching up a bit on sleep too (don't know if that's possible as a mom but...). Hugs and continued prayers...

  6. Hi Meredith, Thanks for keeping such an up to date blog of your cuties. So happy to hear of Emma's scheduled surgery. When you get a moment could you email me at
    Thanks, Stefanie