Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The gross hand... I mean it, it's gross

Ok, so here are the pictures... I made them so you have to click them to save those of you that hate nasty pic's from having to see them

The morning after the IV was replaced there were tiny blisters covering her palm

And the bandaid to keep the IV spot from bleeding was placed on top of these blisters- not realizing that they were blisters (it just looked wet the night before)

Then when we started taking the bandaid off it was peeling the skin off of the blisters. NASTY, I tell you! and PAINFUL!

The next day all the skin reddened and you could really see the burn that the infiltrated IV left on her skin along with the blistering.

Then it started peeling a little and the blisters popped. Have I told you how gross this all was yet?

And today, with the skin really peeling away.. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


  1. Poor precious!!! My nephew had an IV infiltration burn and has a permanent scar from when he was in the NICU, hopefully there won't be any problems. We're praying she decides she's hungry and wants to eat!!!


  2. OH MEREDITH! THat looks painful! We will continue to life her and You up in prayer!!! EAT AND DRINK Emma so you can go home baby!

    Many HUGS coming your way!!


  3. Just a thought are you sure she isn't allergic to the adhesive? I am allergic to metals and adhesive, I get big red burn marks and will blister if it stays there. I can not tolerate most jewerly, IV's for long, or bandaids/medical tape. Just a tought....

  4. Oh man! That looks awful! Prayers for your sweet Emma! Eat honey, eat so you can go home with your brothers and sister!!!

  5. OH! Poor Baby! and Poor Mama! My son is outraged that her hand looks like that at the HOSPITAL - he's ready to come kick butt! The rest of us are keeping her in our hearts and prayers.

  6. I'm so sad for her! As if she hasn't been through enough already!

  7. Well I was going through chemo, it was determined that I was allergic to the common types of adhesive they'd use, so they had to switch me to a different bandage, and it worked wonders. My blisters looked very similar.

    Hope she starts drinking soon so you can GO HOME!!!

  8. I was thinking the same thing that others said, that maybe she's allergic to the tape. Timmy is allergic to the adhesives too.

  9. That looks so painful! She has been through so much she does not need something like this to add to the list. Is she blistering with the other IV site?

    We are praying she eats so you two can come home!!
    Mom C

  10. Poor baby!!! That breaks my heart!

  11. Poor little girl. shes being a real trooper tho!
    Emma baby PLEAS EAT!! we all want u to get home were you fell confertable!!!


  12. oh, poor kiddo :( Those look horrible and painful to boot....come on little miss, eat, drink, be merry and get the heck home....prayers continuing from us and some cyber hugs too!

  13. I have followed your blog since you were in Ukraine adopting Emma and Micah. I have never posted, but wanted to let you know that beautiful Miss Emma (and Mommy) have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly this week. Praying that she will eat soon and you both can go home and be reunited as a family. Also now praying for that poor little hand. How awful for her! I am so sorry this hospital stay is going on so long! - Kendra