Monday, June 09, 2008

Well, we'll regroup

I called the RMH and they said 4 people, maybe an exception since 2 are infants so 5, but not 6. Which means that we can't all go. We can call the day of and find out if they'll have an extra room for us to have 2 rooms, but they said it's not likely. I understand that- they want to know they have space for everyone that needs it. I didn't know that there were only 4 to a room though- with 2 being in playpens I knew that we'd have enough space with 2 beds for 4 people to sleep plus the two (and Emma will be in the hospital except day #1). I was thinking this was going to be a good solution, but I guess we need to regroup.


  1. Does the hospital have sleep rooms? Our children's hospital does and you have a lottery to get the room. Very rarely do you NOT get a sleep room. Possible solution for your maybe your husband?????


  2. Sorry that you weren't aware of this. I don't know about there, but this is a rule at St. Jude's as well with no exceptions. It is awesome to get the free room, but it is a problem if you have more than 4 in the family. Good luck - I hope you find a workable solution.


  3. Meredith, when we stay at RMH, all too often, we have never counted the child having medical care. We were told not to count them. So doesn't that make 5? Also, when Jesse was in St Petes, just after moving to FL, there was a recliner next to his ICU bed that practically laid flat. We'll be praying that all goes well. deanie and the boyz

  4. Ask if their are other places to stay, in St Louis, we stayed at another place (that was ran by donations) and paid a small fee, since the RMH was booked.

  5. Sorry you didn't know this sooner, seems like you shouldn't have to count Emma, maybe you or your husbsand could could take turns staying at the hosp. Praying for you, family, doctors and especially Miss Emma