Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ten updates in one day?

Can you tell I don't have much to do? I have Backyardigans playing on the left side of my computer screen and a limp little noodle on my lap, so it must be time for blogging! A few things today- first the good stuff.

Emma's rash seems to be clearing up some. It started as a 'spotty' rash then became a 'covering' rash and moved onto her back. Now it's going back to a 'spotty' rash and is receding on the edges. YAY! She's no longer on any antibiotics and hasn't had benadryl since last night, so the rash going away is wonderful!

Emma has only lost a little over 5 oz! We were really concerned that she'd lost a lot because she hasn't eaten in a WEEK. Yes, this time last week was her last bottle. The 5 oz difference is not taking into account the extra weight of her IV 'brace' or pulse-ox and cord, but they can't be THAT heavy, so it's roughly accurate. Not too bad.

The Holter monitor came off today and the cardiologist read the results. He said that her rhythm is consistant even with the lows, so that is another good thing! If her rhythm was changing it would be a problem. YaY! So we continue with the plan with oxygen and monitoring at night and monitoring at least for naps. The equipment for that will be delivered tomorrow around 10am.

Ok, so now the not-so-good stuff...

Emma still is not eating. She's been off the IV for 12 hours and is no longer peeing either, so she should be good and thirsty by now. She spent a good little while in her crib with a bottle today and she was quite intentional in making sure that the bottle was nowhere near her. in fact, it was kindof funny because she also didn't want the bottles UPRIGHT. She would go over it to knock it over, toss it further away, then go back to her own business.

Her hand looks gross. From the pictures earlier I'm sure you're no longer doubting my analysis of her little burnt self, but anyway, just one more of the icky part of the day.

She is constipated. You can feel the rocks in her abdomen. Unfortunately the dehydration from a week of not eating is playing a big role in this one. Also, because she was admitted under ENT, they are in charge of her care. So... the ENT is the one that gets the call about constipation. What do you think they'll say? Um... dunno, they aren't pediatricians or GI docs. Hence the EARS NOSE AND THROAT title... silly hospitals!

Emma is really lethargic today. I know it's because she's getting dehydrated, which is "on purpose" so that she'll decide to drink, but it doesn't make seeing her not hold her head up well or be so floppy any easier.

And lastly, my oh-so-kind roommate is still here. Still loud. Still inconsiderate. Still... Anyway, I hope they're going home tonight, and more than that I hope that we don't get another admittal in the middle of the night so we can JUST SLEEP!! :D


  1. Sorry she is not drinking. Oh for a dropper full to get her back into the swing of things. She sounds stubborn....That's exactly what Sawyer would do if he didn't want it around.

    Praying for some success soon.


  2. Praying she will eat something very soon, as bad as her hand looks, it appears to be healing at least, ouch, i looks like it hurts, makes you want to kiss it and make it all better. ope she improves enough to get home soon.