Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mmmm Mustard

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We put Brianna in her booster seat- note the seat belt securely fastened ;)  and started putting things on the table for dinner.  Corned beef and cabbage with corn on the cob.  YUM.  And of course, mustard is a necessity with this meal!  Well, Brianna thought that the mustard looked tasty, maybe a drink?  First she sucked on it with the cap closed, then looked at it confused.  Of course, her daddy is so sweet he didn't want her to be confused.  He wanted to let her know what was in it.  Sweet sweet daddy (????) so... he opened it up.  She can't squeeze hard enough to get any out, but she did get a little taste off the cap!  Believe it or not, when she got her plate my little girl that eats NOTHING immediately picked up a piece of corned beef (aka "tastes like a hot dog, try it"), dipped it in the mustard and ate it! Kristopher ate his too, and even some cabbage (though we never did tell him that it was cabbage-- when he doesn't want to eat something we usually reply with "what, do you want cabbage instead?").


  1. mmmm corned beef and cabbage! One of my favorite meals! We always threaten the kids with liver and onions here! LoL