Monday, June 23, 2008

Cardiology Update

Dr. D came in at 6pm! Wow, I spent the ENTIRE day waiting for that consult! Which means that I didn't move the car, go to the post office, OR get any Starbucks! Ah... there's still time for Starbucks...

Dr. D was filled in on her history, knows she has PH and an AV Canal. He knows about her HR levels dropping and de-SATing during the night. He drew a diagram on the board to show what the heart looks like with and without the AV canal and after the AV canal surgery. He showed the PH in the lungs and described how and why that has developed, and the possibility of it reversing (!!!) after her heart is fixed. He talked about the "pop-out" that will be left open to allow the heart to function under the higher pressures even with the corrected anatomy and also discussed having the pop-out closed at a later date in the cath lab :)

Dr. D described the possibilities post-op if all goes well with the surgery. Those include using oral medications to lower the PH as well as the possibility of oxygen. Possibly even a combination of all 3 (2 oral meds+O2). After all that we discussed right now. At the moment they're looking for an earlier surgery date for us (YAY!) but he did say that a difference of a few weeks is NOT going to be a big deal for Emma since any damage she has has set in. She is not going to have any dramatic increase in risk within a few weeks. He does understand that our first surgery date was early April and it has been over 2 months already and will have been 4 months by the time our current surgery date comes around.

Dr. D also ordered a medication-sedated (oral meds, not a big deal) echo tomorrow morning so they can get a decent assessment of the pulmonary pressures and function. She also will be fitted with a Holter Monitor for 24 hours starting tomorrow morning. She CAN be sent home even with the monitor and we can mail it back if ENT wants to discharge. It doesn't seem we'll be going anywhere though, but cardio isn't going to keep us here, so that's kindof good.

Oxygen was ordered if her sats aren't staying in the 90ish range on their own overnight. If she is requiring oxygen tonight then he will set us up with a portable tank to bring home and she'll be on oxygen at night until her surgery. We won't monitor at home- he said that if she needs it here, she'll need it at home and we'll use it as a preventative measure as it will only help and not hurt so there's no harm. We'll see what happens tonight.

Overall it's a lot of "wait and see"... wait and see what tonight brings with oxygen, what tomorrow morning brings with the echo, what the next few days bring with a surgery date, and what happens with the surgery for post-op care. For now we'll just take it one more day at a time :) :)


  1. One more time. That actually sounds great to me. We had Sawyer on Viagra, Tracleer and O2. Other than the fact we were administering something about every 3 hours, it was good because it brought down the PAH. They were even doing a case study on Sawyer's case.

    So, I think it's good. You will need a big 02 tank at home, won't you? (Depending upon how much she gets) That too was a breeze after a while. Just had to make sure he didn't pull anything out. He was more prone to pulling the feeding tube (ng) out than the 02 tube.

    I'm hoping Emma eats something soon and gets stronger and happier and most of all, gets to go home.


  2. I'm not pretending I understand all that, but it overall sounds positive. I hope you got your Starbucks.:) When one of mine was in the hospital I used to know the exact time the cookies were coming out of the oven in the coffee shop.

  3. Come on sweet Emma...drink something! You want know you do! Don't you wish it were that easy, Meredith? Still praying for Emma, and hoping to see both of you home soon! I'm so glad you were able to see the cardiologist...and possibly get an earlier surgery date...I'll add that to my prayer list. Hang in there, sweet friend!

  4. So glad the cardio. finally came in, hope the date can be moved up for your sake of getting it over and getting her home and fully recovered. It will be a great feeling when this is all behind you (you know that with B's surgery). Praying still for quick recovery and eating/ drinking soon too.

  5. sounds like things are getting better! been thinking of you!