Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No sleep.

Room mate retched from 3-5:30am. Emma didn't sleep, Mommy didn't sleep (in fact I left the room so that I didn't join her... EWWWWWWWW), and no one is a happy camper. We're still here. Discussed going home to see if she'd eat at home but since she's taking NOTHING, we'd end up with a denydrated kiddo by tomorrow morning and would be running back to the hospital (any hospital at that point, but we won't bring Emma to our local hospital due to her heart so it would still at least be an hour-3 drive to get her somewhere). So, here we sit.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! I love you and I'm sorry we can't all be together for your birthday. Maybe Emma's gift to you will be some drinking on her own and we can come home soon. I hope you have a good day today and find something special to do for your birthday!

Emma's fluids were turned off again to see if we can get her thirsty. Last time they stayed off for 7 hrs to no avail... Hoping for better results this time!

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  1. Mer...I know she has sensory issues when it comes to food, but have you tried jello with her at all? She needs to try and get something to moisten her throat. She's probably in so much pain from a dry throat, and possible scabs coming off as a result. If you could only get it moistened so that maybe she will actually finally WANT to drink.