Monday, June 23, 2008

A rash

As if she didn't have enough going with her throat & ears from surgery, her heart acting up, and her hand having nasty blisters, now Emma has a shash that covers the entire area on her chest where hr ribcage is. It stops right at the bottom of her rib cage though- it's not on her stomach.

The nurse called the ENT and they've ordered for her current antibiotic to be stopped and for her to start on Amoxicillian (sp?). She already had the antibiotic today so that'll probably start tomorrow.

Still no cardiologist. I'm waiting for them to come so that I can go to the RMH and get the car, go to the post office to send Mike the car key to the van, pick up the prescription that Mike put in for us on Fri then we forgot to pick up, then I need to park the car in visitor parking instead of at the RMH. And maybe visit Starbucks on my way through :) But... only after the cardiologist comes!

Oh yeah, and the nurse offerred Benadryl for the rash but we're going to wait a bit and see if it goes away on its own or if it seems to get worse or itchy. If it gets worse we'll treat, otherwise we'll just leave it be.


  1. Me again. Sawyer gets a rash on certain antibiotics. They tell me it is harmless. (But I think it's the 'cillins' that do it to him) They call it idiocentric??? or some such thing as that.

    Poor little girl. She just wants to feel better and get home to her own bed, I'm sure.


  2. Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY need a Starbucks, Meredith.

  3. After the weekend you've had, Starbucks should be making random deliveries to you! We're still praying that God will reveal why he as Miss Emma hanging out at the hopsital so long...and that he'll let ya'll get home soon!

  4. Poor little Emma! I hope she is feeling better, rash free, and eating again soon. I'm praying for her!