Sunday, June 29, 2008


I got up at 1:15 because Brianna cried. Sat in her room for a minute until I realized she is probably HOT. Moved the O2 compressor into the family room but in the mean time unplugged it while it was running. Alarm. DUMB. Plugged it in only to hear the alarm continue. Waited a while, purged the tank, turned it on. Alarm. Got online to troubleshoot before calling the 24 hr hotline. Well... the O2 compressor is working again thanks to online instructions ie: plug in to outlet. Yes, I plugged it in in the family room but the outlet was on a lightswitch... It was 1:30am, what can I say?? Then at 1:45 K woke up screaming. Not a cry, a scream. He's now been to the bathroom and is tucked back in bed. Brianna's sleeping. Emma's sleeping. Micah slept through everything. NOW CAN I GO TO BED??? (btw, the only reason I'm on the computer is because it was on to troubleshoot and this seemed a good place to complain about my late-night stupidity)


  1. I'm up late with you to. We had a bit of drama here.

    At least one of the kids slept through the night :)

    Amy from RR

  2. Sorry to hear it was such a rough night. Praying for a better one tomorror.

    On the bright side, at least Micah slept all night, so he'll be well rested and raring to go today.

    Natalie (RR)

  3. Merideth,
    This is Mary from RR. Maybe try to put two O2 tubings on her. One in her nose, and the other, one that she has already ruined, in her mouth to chew on. Maybe it will confuse her enough to allow the nasal one stay. Just a thought.
    If she keeps dropping, they may want to consider a mask. Or, one thing you may want to consider, short term, is asking for nursing care at night so you can sleep. Your insurance may pay (after fighting, of course) for a nurse to come just at night to get this to stay on her, until either she gets used to it, or the need is no longer there. YOU NEED TO SLEEP!

  4. Man, that sounds like such a fun night-NOT! I hope you're sleeping in a bit this morning to make up for your middle of the night adventure. Prayers for a better night tonight for you and the kids :)

  5. I was nice to have an oxygen concentrator in the house over the winter! It made a nice litte foot warmer. I've got no advice to offer on keeping a cannula on. I'm thankful that my son has needed oxygen for a long time or he probably wouldn't tolerate it. I'll just tell you what my N.P. told me last week when he started pulling the cannula off 100 times a day - do your best and some is better than none. Also, big sister likes to play with an old cannula. He laughs when she puts it on!

  6. Hey, it gave me a great excuse to be able to chat with you! I didn't end up going to bed until after 3am!!! I'm ok right now though- weird. I thought that I would for sure need a nap by now!