Friday, June 20, 2008

Out of MRI

Emma's done with the MRI's and is having a rough time of it. Just irritable and inevitably hungry but takes the bottle, puts it in her mouth, holds it there a minute, then throws it and cries for 10 minutes. She's not a happy camper. She calmed down some and I'm sure the pain meds have kicked in a little so I'm hoping she might nap a bit. I did squirt some liquid in her mouth just to moisten it a bit and she cried through it but eventually swallowed. I'm glad she'll be here another day for monitoring and fluids. As much as I want to go home, I don't want to end up at a different hospital for dehydration in a day or two because she won't eat anything. So long as we're here I'd rather they keep her until it's really safe to go home.

My mom has been a God-send! She's really done most of the care for Micah, Brianna, and Kristopher the past 2 days and allowed Mike and I to be with Emma. We've traded off a bit and taken shifts with the other kids too, but Mom's been making sure the other 3 have all they need. THANK YOU MOM!!!! She's heading back to T'ville this evening since only one of us needs to be with Emma and we're a bit more "caught up" now than we were earlier.

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  1. Praying that the pain meds help and that little missy starts drinking more. I agree, we all want to get home, but not so soon that we'll just end up back! Hugs.