Monday, June 02, 2008

A visit with friends!


Christina, A, Emma and Micah Why are you taking my picture??


She needs a shirt that says *MISS ATTITUDE*. Emma, not Christina ;) Emma looks so big in this picture tho! Is she getting taller?? (Christina's thinking "don't spit up on me!!")

DSC02603 DSC02602

Kallie with Brianna I'll pose for you :)

DSC02597 DSC02589

Kids in the pool-- A's 2 girls, Christina's two Look, I'm big!

girls, and my 4 plus 3 husbands made for a

fun visit :)

Thanks A, Kevin, Christina, and Todd for coming over!!


  1. hahahaha...Yep I have issues with body fluids...I'm past the denial...I love your kids...they are gorgeous! I really hope we can get together when we are up in 3 weeks :) Thanks for letting us crash your house!

  2. I didn't realize you were getting together with them. Poor you, that A is such a bad influence!

  3. Emma has some of the greatest facial expressions!