Thursday, June 05, 2008

Our visit with R

Today was fun! Although it took us a little while to get up, dressed, fed, medicated, and ready to go anywhere with shoes on and clean diapers, we had a fun day! We picked up my friend R around 10:30 and she came and spent the day with us. We went to Target first just to walk around and get out a little bit. At Target we quickly ran into 4 different people that both R and I know. R and I went to high school together and one was an old friend. Others were from chuch and my very own mom was there ;) R took control on the cart with Brianna and I pushed the double stroller. It's so much easier with help!! Plus, R loves Brianna and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual!

After Target we came back to the house for lunch. R and I made mac 'n cheese and hot dogs and even Bria ate a little. She's been anti-everything that she didn't choose, so that was nice! I put the three littlest down for naps and K set up with a movie while R went in the pool. I sat out in the play room and caught up with some e-mails and such then Mike came home for lunch. R joined us inside and had some art supplies that she brought out. She's really great at stenciling and even brought me a painting she made to put up in the girls' room! Mike headed back up to work and R and I just hung out a good part of the afternoon. We ended the day with Signing Time on the porch and trying to get Micah to crawl. We all had to laugh at his little face-plants he kept doing when I'd try to get him to move his arms and legs both in forwardly motions!

The best part of the day, for me, was when my friend R made sure that one of the people we saw at Target knew that she is Brianna's role model. That she is! After all, R was born with Down syndrome too, and she told our friend this as well :) I think it surprised R when I let the cat out of the bag tho- she's gonna be a great role model for Emma and Micah also! Yep, they have Down syndrome too :)

I don't know if you'll read this or not, R, but I'm sure glad you came to spend the day with us today!

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